Former Anorexic Woman Promotes Positive Body Image

Former anorexic, Megan Jayne, nearly died because of her disease. Now she's using her experience to empower others!

At just 14 Megan was diagnosed with anorexia and told she only had weeks to live by her doctors. With the help of her dad and a stint in a youth mental institution, Megan started to recover and has turned her life around.

"At my lowest weight, size four clothes were falling off me, my hair thinned and I was constantly freezing cold. Thin would never be thin enough. The eating disorder overcame me so much that I believed it was all that I was and all that I had," she recalls.

Megan now runs her own body positivity account on Instagram where she posts photos of herself in bikinis, proudly displaying her cellulite and all, with all the confidence in the world.

"I try to show people that the impossible beauty standards on our screens and in our magazines are not requirements for happiness. If I can fall in love with my body after all I’ve been through anyone can – they just have to believe that they deserve it," she says.

Check out her amazing images:



One day you'll see. The moments of your life that you've missed. The memories that were made to light up your mind with smiles in vivid colour. But instead, they are dull. They were dulled. By a mind that could never truly live in that moment, too consumed by the ever present mirror forcing your reflection to the forefront of your thoughts. You cannot truly live with that mirror, looming over all that you do, and all that you are. One day you'll see, that it was inside you all along - the power to smash the mirror into pieces too small to ever pierce through your self esteem again. One day you'll see, that you could have lived unburdened by lies about your worth residing in your reflection. That you could have laughed with your whole body shaking. That you could have devoured every bite without shame. That you could have lived every moment, for yourself. One day, you will see. And I can't think of a better day than the one you're living right now. ??????????

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HERE'S TO UNFLATTERING. To all the pictures we've deleted. To all the ones we've avoided. To all the spotlights we've hidden away from. To all the outfits we've been too worried to wear. To all the moments we've been too scared to embrace. 'That's my bad side' 'The camera angle is all wrong' 'Always dress for your shape, remember to disguise your flaws' 'When I've lost the last 10 pounds, then I can finally be happy' Life is not meant to be lived through the lens of how other people see you. It is for you, and you alone. Stop trading away your memories because you didn't have your makeup on. Stop forfeiting things you love because people say that your body doesn't suit them. Stop hiding in the shadows because you don't think you deserve the light. These pictures were taken 30 minutes apart. One is not a lie. The other is not an embarrassment. They are both me, and I choose to embrace and love them both. So here's to redefining that word, because the only thing that's truly unflattering is a culture that convinces us that any version of ourselves is unacceptable. We are spectacular, in all of our forms. ?????????? #effyourbeautystandards

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