Flat Tummy Fast Workout!

Follow these functional moves for an iron core.

Gone are the days when ‘working on your abs’ meant doing 100 crunches every morning. We now know this kind of core training not only puts the health of your spine in danger, it also simply creates bigger ab muscles, without burning much fat, or tightening and stabilising your deeper core. This means all you’ll end up with is a tummy that protrudes even more!

So, how do you get a flat tummy fast? First up, work on your diet because burning away that nice comfy lining is the fastest way to see those abs! Next up, it’s time to work on building an iron core by adding both static and dynamic stabilisation exercises to your usual workout routine.

Don’t know what the heck that means? Basically, these are exercises that require you to keep your spine in alignment, often while moving other parts of your body.

Here, we show you four of the most effective core stabilisation exercises, along with four different ideas on how to progress them. To create your own little at-home core workout, choose one exercise from each group and put them together in a little 4-station circuit, performing each move for as long as you possibly can before moving on. We’ve also included an advanced group, so once you’ve got the basics, you can take it up a notch!

Choose a different group of exercises to perform each day and you’re on your way to washboard abs and a teeny waist!


GROUP 1: Mountain Climbers

GROUP 3: Low Plank Variations

GROUP 4: Supermen and Leg Lowers


Good luck with your journey towards building an iron core and remember, keep working at it because building a strong core through functional exercise will not only have you looking amazing, it will prevent back injury, decrease chronic back pain and enhance your sporting performance too.

Check out our video demo above for a little extra inspiration!

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