Five of the best ways to tone and lift your butt

These simple exercises will whip your booty into shape in no time!

As a trainer of 16 years I’ve heard the same request over and over again, "help me shape that peach, build that booty, tone that toosh!”

You can’t go wrong with these 5 booty burning moves - and remember - strengthening and shaping those glutes goes well beyond aesthetics.

You must think of your glutes as a key part of your core, providing a foundation for good posture, moving well and keeping pressure off your lower back.

So, here you have it ladies (and fellas too) my top 5 moves to lift that butt.

1. Single leg hip lifts

Lift slowly and as high as possible ensuring you are only using your arms for balance and it is your heel pushing down into the floor. Squeeze your glutes for a count of 1 at the top of every rep. 

Reps: 60 seconds each side

2. Step up into reverse lunge

Press through the heel on the upward step and be sure to take a large step on the reverse lunge.

Reps: 10 reps each side

3. Dumbbell squats

Go deep, push those knees out, sit back on your heels and don’t be afraid of a little butt building resistance.

Reps: 30 

4. Band crab walk

Keep low with slight knee bend and normal pelvic posture. The toes want to turn out. Don’t let them as we want to keep the toes pointing to 12 o'clock and get a deep burn that will wake up parts of your body that will thank you for it.

Reps: 30 steps left and right

5. Slider or towel lateral single leg squat

Wanting that gap that everyone’s talking about? Go low and slow and always stay in control of the movement.

Reps: 15 slow each side


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