5 new ways to get fit in 2019

Last year was all about HIIT training and yoga, so what’s in store for 2019?

If you’re getting bored with your usual routine, never fear, there are some fun new fitness trends on the horizon.

Adriana Kalidis, Anytime Fitness National Fitness Coordinator, shares what’s topping her workout list, this year.

Wearable tech

Although it’s not completely new, Adriana says the combination of tech and fitness will continue to ramp up.

“Due to the rising popularity of wearable tech such as fitness trackers, smart watches, heart rate monitors and GPS trackers, connecting with friends has become even more prevalent in the fitness tech space,” she says.

So, instead of being limited to a smart watch, Adriana says wearable tech clothing, ‘biowearables’, are the next thing that will not only track fitness, but monitor heart rates and vital signs.

Online personal training

Personal trainers have always been a popular choice for whipping your body into shape, given their specialised advice and tailored programs. But, this service comes at a cost and usually a pricey one at that, so how can you get this experience at a lower price? Enter online personal training. 

“In 2019, we can expect to see the current structure of personal training shift to an online model – like Anytime Fitness’ Remote Coaching Platform,” Adriana tells. “Depending on your individual needs, a trainer will be able to create an online PT program at a more affordable and accessible price.”

This way, you’ll still be held accountable to achieve your goals and see results, while personal trainers will be able to reach a wider range of clients in locations they wouldn’t usually have access to.

Fitness programs and communities for older adults

“People are living, working and remaining healthy and active for much longer. Win! But as our population ages, it’s understandable that we must have fitness equipment and facilities that accommodate,” Adriana says. “In most gyms, equipment has already become simpler to use and this is set to continue.”

There's also a focus on making gyms or studios much more social and friendly to create a community-like feel. 

“In 2019 and beyond, we can expect to see an older generation of adults at the gym and an increased desire from more people to build relationships in a fitness setting,” she adds. 

Functional fitness

You’ve probably heard the term, “functional fitness” thrown around the gym floor before, but what exactly is it?

“Functional fitness is exercise that mimics our daily movements and is based around strength training that helps improve balance, coordination, strength and endurance,” Adriana explains. “For example, a deadlift replicates picking up the shopping from the ground.”

The reason this trend is gaining in popularity is that these types of movements are vital to all age groups and levels of fitness in order to stay mobile and prevent injury.

Body-weight training

Instead of picking up weights, you already have a great resistance training tool – your body!

Although body-weight training has been around for years now, it’s more pertinent than ever as it’s convenient for the time-society we live in. 

“Most body weight training exercises are accessible to any fitness level and can be easily modified,” Adriana says. “Using your own body weight during exercises such as, push ups, squats, lunges, pull ups, and planks can be incredibly challenging and make for a great workout you can do anywhere.”

This means there are truly no excuses when it comes to incorporating exercise into your daily routine as you can get moving anywhere – your body is all the equipment you need.

While there are always new things to try in the world of fitness, Adriana says the most important thing to remember is to find something that works for you.

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