Fitness Q&A with Diana and Felicia of Base Body Babes

Instagram duo Diana and Felicia of Base Body Babes are encouraging Aussies to get off the couch, and get moving! Here they share their tips to taking the first step to better health.

Despite being hooked on images of active living, brightly coloured sports gear and organic smoothies, the latest Aussie health and fitness trend indicates there’s one key thing missing, with a significant proportion struggling to fit in exercise and healthy eating to their busy lives. This has resulted in a worrying new trend coined #couchspiration.

The research, conducted by Medibank, shows over half of Australians regularly view health and fitness posts on social media, with 1 in 5 relying on #fitspiration images every day and just under half saying they are inspired to be more healthy by this digital diet. However, over three quarters (77 per cent) aren’t regularly exercising enough to break into a sweat.

Medibank is working with Diana and Felicia of Base Body Babes, to put a stop to #couchspiration by encouraging Aussies to take the first step to better health.

How important was it for you to team up with Medibank to put a stop to #couchspiration?

We want to get everyone up and moving! Near a third of Australians think having a healthy lifestyle is just too hard, but if you focus on small attainable steps, you’re less likely to be overwhelmed. We want to encourage people to take the first step to better health. We want to help Australians realise that it’s all about making changes that suit your lifestyle and gradually your wellbeing will improve.

So many people on Instagram look to you for fitness and health motivation. Who do you look to?

As sisters we really motivate each other. If there is a day when one of us isn’t feeling as motivated, we can count on one another to rev us up to get going. We also love following other Instagram accounts such as:

Sebastian Oreb (@australianstrengthcoach) is one of the most sought after and leading strength coaches for Australia’s elite athletes and trainers. We are always learning from this guru, his knowledge and experience is second to none.

Daniel Conn (@dan_45_conn) for his positive energy and daily inspiration. He is definitely a #fitspiration go-to!

Jessica Sepel (@jshealth) is our resident nutritionist. She is a Clinical Nutritionist who offers healthy recipes and up-to-date information on living a healthy life.

Stylerunner (@stylerunner) is our go-to for all our active wear needs, it's our one-stop-shop and has loads of fitspo images to keep us inspired.

Besides being active, what else do you do to keep yourself feeling happy and well? Any instant confidence boosters?

We love spending time with our family and friends. Any chance we get to take some time off and enjoy a nice meal together is just perfect. We always try and surround ourselves with positive people, it is so rewarding for our mind, body and soul to have that energy around us.

How would you describe your overall diet? Are you quite strict?

We love food. It’s one of the most important things for feeling healthy, fit and strong. We believe in a well balanced, healthy and nutritious eating plan and don’t do anything extreme. We focus on eating lots of fresh, healthy, natural produce, and we try not to have anything packaged or processed. Our plates are always filled with an element of protein, carbohydrates and lots of veggies.

What are your tips for those that are time poor and find it hard to fit in exercise? 

Get organised! Plan your week in advance. Schedule and organise your training as you would a regular work meeting.  According to new research from Medibank, two thirds (60 per cent) of us think work gets in the way of us being healthy but instead of looking at it as a barrier, use it to your advantage.

Consider going to a gym that’s close to work during your lunch break or packing all your healthy ingredients to prepare breakfast at work if you run out of time at home. It’s all about taking small steps that fit into your existing schedule. No matter how you feel, if you're low on energy or having a bad day, just turn up! You will feel so much better once you have a completed a great workout.

What current fitness trends are you loving at the moment?

We don’t follow trends when it comes to our training. Our system is based on a combination of strength and circuit style training with weights. We believe to truly shape and transform your body, you should lift weights. We use techniques that have stood the test of time because we know they work, we get the best results from them, and they make us feel happy, healthy, fit, strong and confident.

This is the time to start investing in your ‘summer body’. How does your exercise regime change during the cooler months?

It doesn’t change at all. We focus on having a strong and healthy body all year round, not just for one season. We workout with weights 4-6 days per week and eat a well balanced diet of healthy and nutritious foods all year round. Consistency is key.

What products do you always carry in your gym bag?

  • Voss Water
  • Frends Headphones
  • iPhone
  • BareBlends Protein
  • C Coconut Water
  • Banana
  • A mixture of activated nuts
  • Adidas AdiPower Weightlifting Shoes
  • Weightlifting Lever Belt
  • Sweat Towel

Favourite travel destination?

Europe! Give us the beach, the sun, the water, delicious food and interesting places to explore and we are happy.

Favourite thing to do when you’re having down time or a day off?

We love just sitting at home in our PJs with our loved ones around, enjoying a cup of tea, reading a magazine, watching some mind numbing TV or just scrolling our Instagram feed. It’s a great time to zone out and take our mind off things for a little while.

Life motto you swear by?

Your body is your temple, be good to yourself and treat your body with love and respect. Be happy, healthy, fit, strong and confident.

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