Find Your Lost Family

Do you have long lost family (in Australia or abroad) you want to reconnect with? Good news. Tracking down your long lost family like those in Find My Family Australia is easy enough to do.

Brad Argent from tells us how.



“Long lost relatives are usually lost for a reason. Something happened somewhere in the past that has caused a disconnect in the family,” says Brad. “This doesn’t have to be a family feud - in most cases it isn’t – more often it’s that someone in the family decided to try their luck somewhere else in the world (like Australia) and the only available means of communication (via letter) wasn’t enough to ensure familial connections survived for more than a generation.”


Start off by tracing your family back to the point of disconnection. The best way to do this is to start with you and work backwards to your parents, grandparents, great grand parents, etc.



Talking to older family members is also a great way to find the missing pieces to your puzzle. “Go to the oldest person in the family and ask them to tell you about their life,” suggests Brad. Key questions to ask are:
- When and where they were born?
- What was it like growing up then?
- Who were their brothers\sisters?
- What do they remember about their parents\grandparents?
- What kind of work did they do?


Brad also suggests recording their answers and letting them digress into other stories. “This is often where the real family jewels are – a great uncle who went to war, a distant cousin who had a castle in France, and so on,” he says. “When you’ve done some research, go back to them with your findings as it often triggers another memory and the story starts to unfold.”

Once you know the basic information like names, birthdates and birth places, you can start an extensive search into documents.

Your local registry should have most documents you need to help link your information. Click Here to find your local state registry office. If your family originated from another country, consider contacting registry departments abroad for the same information.



With over 24 million member trees available for search and over 940 million searchable Australian and UK family history records, is a great place to search. If you don’t find anything, Brad recommends you start it off by upploading your own family tree. “Putting your tree online will allow family members to find you. This is how it happened for me!”


Good luck! And if you’re successful, be sure to let us know about it!

Tune in to Find My Family Australia on LifeStyle.

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Posted by Maddison173Report
I hope Find My Family Australia don't mind me posting, for those of you that did not make the show I volunteer on a Facebook page that helps to find lost family specializing in adoption this is a free service, we would be more then happy to try and reunite lost family members " AUSSIE & UK ANGELS - Reuniting lost family "
Posted by Bernadette295Report
Im posting this on my partners behalf. He is looking for his biological grandfather. William arnold duffield. Last known whereabouts was cairns qld in 2011. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Posted by Nikki402Report
I never met my dad his passed im not sure when I really want to see his grave or something ive got one photo his name was Anthony (tony) stottard or adard? my mother couldn't tell me much or wouldn't, im desperate he was friends with my sisters dad Russel and might have lived in MacKay im born 16th July 1988 with Nicole Fowles on my birth cert.
Posted by Duncan45Report
I am trying to locate my cousins on my father's side. The family name is Kerr and the cousin I met many years ago, around late 50's or early 60's, is called Veronica. She had two sisters who were a good bit younger than her. Her father was called Alistair and mother was Alice. Alistair had two brothers, Duncan, my father, and Robert both of whom were killed at the end of World War 2. Alistair remained in the army for some years after and for part of their life they lived in Herne Bay Kent U.K. He comes from Irvine, in Ayrshire Scotland. I think Veronica lived in W.A. somewhere and one of the younger sisters worked on the set of the soap Neighbours. I know it is a slim chance but would anybody who can throw any light on this search please get in touch. Thanks
Posted by Report
I am looking for my half brother Kevin W Burfitt, born _ Nov 1965, he be 53 or 54 could be using another last name,living around Adelaide SA. Please let me know at thanks.
Posted by Report
Sisters and Brother are looking for our brother Kevin W Burfitt, Last known around Adelaide SA.
Born _ Nov 1965. age 53or54.If anyone knows anything or he sees this please let us know thanks at
Posted by Report
Hi I am adopted .... My mum dyed at the age of 19 she was murdered and never put the name of my father on the birth certificate ... She dyed in 1984 a year after I was born is there anything I can so I found my grandmother but
She knows nothing ? Help me I feel lost in this world :(
Posted by Jeannie16Report
I have been reseraching my maternal family history for about one year. I have had some amazing results and reconnected with family in Warrnambool who have provided invaluable information for our family tree. There is one person who remains missing and we would love to track her down or know if she is still alive. My grandfathers sister Mary Ryan had a daughter in sometime in the 1920's or 30's. Mary was unwed and called her daughter Christina. One uncle can recall 'Ena' coming to visit her mother on occasion and he believes she was brought up in Melbourne. In 1978 'Christina Ryan' was the informant on Mary's death certificate. Where is Christina and what was her life like. I cannot find any records and am unable to access birth records for this time. Would be great to get some help. Cheers, Jeannie
Posted by John332Report
Hi I am searching for my biological father Ronald Eugene Holmes. He was born in 1936 in Sydney area. He married Patricia Bertha Daley in 1954 and had 2 sons Alan and John Holmes. He disappeared in 1957-58 and we have been unable to find any information to this present day. I would like to find any information to connect him to our family (half brothers sisters etc) any information would be a great help in finding his wereabouts. He has many grandchildren and great grandchildren who would love to know of him and his history. Any information and help would be appreciated. My email in regards John.
Posted by Carrie36Report
I am looking for my father. He was married at the time I was conceived and was working with a plumbing company from Dubbo in Dunedoo NSW on the High School. I was born in May 1976, my mothers name is Melba Edmed, she is now 72 and I beleive my father is a few years younger than her. His name is ALAN SANTOS. I dont know much else other than he was married & had children to his wife possibly around my age and that he worked for Joe Hewitt Pluming - Dubbo.