Everything you need to know about: fat freezing

No matter how well we stick to a healthy eating plan or hit the gym, sometimes there’s stubborn weight that simply won’t shift, so fat freezing may very well be the answer.

It sounds like some kind of magical treatment, but we can assure you it definitely exists and it’s not as scary as it sounds.

What is it?

Fat freezing (Cryolipolysis) is a non-invasive fat removal treatment that does not require surgery.

During the treatment, a cooling technique is used to freeze and permanently kill fat cells without harming your skin.

The results are immediate and has been TGA approved. And if you aren’t sure if it’s for you or not, you can book an initial complimentary consultation.

Is body contouring for me?

The treatments are said to work best with people who are within 10 to 15 kilograms of their ideal body weight.

The Body Experts at Body Catalyst are also dedicated to providing an inspiring approach to healthy body goals by providing trained nutritionists.

Which areas can be treated?

The pockets of fat that sit around your stomach, inner and outer thighs, love handles, back, knees, arm and chin are all able to be targeted by fat freezing.

But, it’s best to have a consultation with a therapist for an individual plan and the amount of treatments needed can be determined then as well.

Where does the fat go?

It sounds strange but the treatment actually triggers the body’s own natural fat elimination process. So, fat cells are transported through the lymphatic system to the liver where they are processed out of the body as waste.

Does it work?

Amanda King decided to give fat freezing a try on her upper and lower abdomen. Here, she details what she thought of the treatment:

“When the machine sucks the stomach up, it’s a slightly strange sensation, but once it is finished and it starts to freeze you get used to it. I wouldn’t say it hurts, just feels a little uncomfortable and the feeling stabilises throughout the treatment.”

How did you feel afterwards?

“My stomach was a bit sore and swollen for a few days to a week. My stomach felt slightly numb for about two weeks. After four weeks I noticed weight loss.

“Working hand-in-hand with regular Pilates, walking and decreasing my sugar (alcohol) intake, I have lost 5cm off my stomach. I am so glad I took the plunge and started the treatments.”

For more information see Body Catalyst.

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