The one exercise that will boost your metabolism

The simple way to boost your metabolism.

Too many people believe they have a slow metabolism and that is why they aren’t reaching their goals. More often than not, this is not true - they simply don’t know how to reach their metabolic potential.

Here, I provide some simple solutions on how to release your metabolic handbrake.

Stop skipping meals or crash dieting

Quick fixes that involve drastically cutting calories or skipping meals altogether might cause you to lose weight quickly, but these are short term fixes with potentially long term ramifications. Crash diets often lead to a cycle of binging and restricting and more often than not you will gain the weight back and a few extra kilos. These quick fix, extreme measures are simply not sustainable so eventually when we return to our normal eating habits, we gain the weight back. Due to a loss of muscle mass our metabolism has slowed and we regain the weight that we have lost and often more.

Get some shut eye

Skimping on sleep wreaks more havoc on your body than by simply making you grumpy. Being sleep deprived for prolonged periods of time can decrease your metabolic rate, not to mention make you far less likely to get up for your morning workout alarm or make healthy food choices. Aim for seven hours of quality sleep each night.

Manage stress

We know stress is bad for us mentally but never underestimate how bad it can be for you physically too. This is because it releases the hormone cortisol which can interrupt our metabolic function and break down our muscle for energy.  Implementing solutions to manage stress can be super helpful in keeping your metabolism functioning efficiently.

Incorporate resistance training

The more lean muscle you have, the more calories you burn- event at rest and this is why resistance training is hugely beneficial. While cardio will have you burning plenty of calories during, resistance training means you’ll keep burning well after the workout is over. Resistance training also builds lean muscle mass which in turn increases your BMR (how many calories you burn just going about your day to day).

Do interval training

If you like to go for the same slow jog or walk, swap this out at least once a week for some intervals. Stairs, hills and sprints with recovery will give your metabolism a boost for a good 24 hours post workout.

Eat REAL food

Especially protein and good fats. High-quality proteins have a high thermic effect, meaning they require more energy to digest and therefore raise your metabolic rate. Protein and good fats (think nuts, seeds, olive oil, fatty fish etc.) also promote satiety, leaving you full and satisfied and reducing your need to snack or unnecessarily over eat.

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