5 easy and effective exercises you can do at home during self-isolation

When you can't go to the gym, what can you do at home? Here's five safe and easy exercises to do at home.

We asked trainer, Chloe Dallimore, owner and trainer at Xtend Barre Eastern Beaches, to share five exercises to keep you strong and lean - and you don't need any gym equipment. 

Chloe shows us how it's done...

Pliés in second: (front of thigh focus)

1. Stand facing a kitchen bench/ back of chair/ barre, with both hands resting on the bench/ back of chair/ barre.

2. Open the legs and feet wider than hip-width, rock back onto your heels to create second position by rotating the legs outwards from the hip.

3. Bend the knees again over the toes into a plié. You should be able to go nice and deep but keep the back straight (imagine you are in a toaster!).

4. Stretch the legs to lift back up to a straight leg position without locking the knees back (try to pull your knees up to your hips to engage the muscles in the front of your leg).

5. To make this a little more challenging add a lift of the heel when the legs straighten up.

6. To challenge further add a jump, making sure you land carefully through the feet.

Side leg lifts using back of chair - liftovers, circles, rainbows (outside of hips/ thigh focus)

1. Standing with R side to bench/ back of chair/ barre.

2. Bend knees, reach L leg out to side, with straightened knee, hinge upper body towards the barre so that the R forearm is on the barre. You body should be on long diagonal from the top of your head to the tip of your L toe.

3. Lift and lower the L leg x 8

4. For more challenge, hold the leg lifted and circle the leg as if your foot is tracing the inside of a tea cup. Repeat x 8.

5. For ore challenge, lift the L leg slightly forward of the body to lightly tap the floor, then lift up and over as if tracing a rainbow, to tap the L tow slightly behind the body. Repeat x 8.

6. Repeat the whole series on the other side.

Fold over (back of leg/ lower glute/ tush focus)

1. Facing the bench/ back of chair, bend your knees, cross your forearms over one another (like a genie) and hinge from the crease of your thighs, resting your forearms on the bench/ back of chair/ barre, forehead hovering just off your forearms.

2. Reach R leg behind you, leg extended, toe on the floor.

3. Lift R leg as high as you can without anything changing in your upper body. You want to feel your lower butt muscles activating. You shouldn’t feel anything into your lower back. Repeat x 8. For more challenge, keep the leg lifted and pulse the leg slightly upwards x 8 to 16.

4. Slightly cross the R leg over your mid-line to touch the floor, then lift back up to to the highest point, directly behind you. Repeat x 8.

5. Repeat the whole series using the L leg.

Single-arm triceps (back of arms focus)

1. Lie on your L side with knees bent; L arm wrapped across torso, right hand on the floor, fingertips level with the top of your shoulder.

2. Press into the floor with the heel of your hand and lift yourself off the floor. Don’t worry if you don’t move very far! It’s hard! Repeat x 8 to 16.

3. For more challenge, hold in mid-range and pulse up an inch x 8. Repeat on the other arm.

Ab curls with a ball between knees (abdominal focus)

1. Lie faceup with knees bent and feet flat on the floor, holding the ball in between your knees.

2. Curl head and shoulders off the floor, squeezing abs in as you sit up and lower back down to the starting position. Repeat x 8.

3. For more challenge, float the legs in a tabletop position. Repeat point 2 x 8.

4. For more challenge, staying contracted forwards and pulse about an inch towards the thighs. Repeat x 8-16.

5. For more challenge, squeeze the ball between the knees x 8.

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