Drink-spiking Dangers: You Could be the Next Victim

Have you heard of a friend, colleague, or family member who had their drink spiked and thought, “That could never happen to me – I’m too careful”?

Unfortunately, recent figures and reports show that it COULD happen to you; drink-spiking is a real danger to anyone and incidents in Australia are on the rise – more than 4,000 drink-spiking incidents occur every year, and that’s just the ones which are reported to the police.

And the majority of victims are female, as an Australian study conducted by CASA House has indicated that as many as 40% of women believe that they have had a drink spiked in the past, or that an attempt has been made to spike their drink.

Endree Saade of Pure Natural Health has made it his mission to fight drink-spiking crimes across the country and ensure the perpetrators are tracked down, with ‘The Drink Detective’ – a quick, easy and accurate test which is designed to slot in to purses and handbags. The Drink Detective is the only product in the world which tests for all three types of drugs used in drink and provides immediate results. Here Endree shares his advice on how to prevent your drink being spiked:

What is drink spiking?

Drink spiking is when alcohol or another drug is added to your drink without your knowledge. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks can be spiked, and it’s an extremely difficult crime to prove as traces of the drugs usually disappear from the body within 3-12 hours.

What are the common drugs used to spike drinks?

There are three major groups of drugs used in drug rape and other drink-spiking crimes: GHB, Ketamine and Benzodiazepines (which include Rohypnol and Valium).

All of these drugs act as an anaesthetic that reduce the victims’ ability to resist rape or robbery and often causes the victim to cooperate with the criminal. After a few hours, the victim will fall asleep and wake up with little or no memory of what happened when she or he was under the influence of the drug.

How do I know if my drink has been spiked?

A spiked drink is very hard to identify - you may not be able to see, smell or taste if your drink has been spiked, which means you could fall victim to the crime very easily.

Warning signs to watch out for include:
• feeling dizzy or faint
• feeling sick or sleepy
• feeling intoxicated or confused even if you have only had a little alcohol to drink
• passing out

The most important thing you can do for your safety is to accept that you or your friends are in danger of having your drinks spiked every time you are out partying. Come up with a plan of action in the event that it happens, stick together, never accept drinks from strangers and warn each other of any suspicious activity. And remember that once you’ve been spiked, you have around 20 minutes to get help – after that you lose all control.

How do we use The Drink Detective?

The Drink Detective is smaller than a credit card, so it fits inside your purse and can be easily used in any pub, club, bathroom or taxi cab.

The card has three spots, one for each of the tests. The Ketamine and GHB tests show a chemical, colour reaction. The Benzo test is an immunoassay—like a pregnancy test. It also comes with a pipette and all you have to do is use the pipette to put drops of drink on the appropriate spots. Otherwise you may use your fingers. There is an instant reaction with the Ketamine and GHB tests and a reaction in under a minute with the Benzodiazepine test.

The Drink Detective is priced $7.95 for one test, with a pack of five priced $27.50 – a smart investment for a group of friends to stay safe. More information and The Drink Detective online store is at www.thedrinkdetective.com.au.

• Tell someone where you go and what time you’re expected home.
• Avoid drinking alone. Friends should watch-out for each other.
• Remember the biggest drug rape drug is alcohol. It affects your actions / reactions as well as ability to be alert.
• Stay aware of what is going on around you and keep away from situations you do not feel comfortable with. Know your alcohol limit.
• Never accept a drink from anyone you do not completely trust.
• Don’t share or exchange drinks. Don’t drink discarded drinks
• Don't leave your drink unattended, even when going to the toilet.
• Test it with the Drink Detective. Test your favourite drinks, and be alerted to different reactions.
• Consider very carefully whether you should leave the pub, club or party with someone you have just met.
• Drink spiking is rife on overseas holidays, and often men can be the victim. Be on alert in a foreign country and pack The Drink Detective in your travel bag.

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