How to live your dream life, right now

It may sound impossible, but living your dream life is within reach.

So much so, that there’s an entire movement based around it.

What is it?

When Kristina Karlsson, founder and creative director of kikki.K and author of Your Dream Life Starts Here, had a dream to inspire and empower millions of people to write down their dreams and chase them, she never thought it would explode into an entire movement.

“It all started with one of my own dreams – to write my first-ever book -  to shed light on the simple process and practice of dreaming, which I know has the power to help so many people live the life they’re searching for. And it’s just grown from there,” she exclaims.

How can it improve our lives?

Kristina is a strong believer that every great achievement begins with someone’s dream.

“From deep personal experience, I know that time and time again, taking time to imagine and to dream about how I’ve wanted my future to be, has been the essential first step to making it happen,” she explains.

Her book features her personal experiences and those whose names we know quite well such as Oprah Winfrey – others who dared to dream. 

“I can’t explain it but something magical happens when you dream, and something even more powerful happens when you write your dreams down on paper and start chasing them. It’s a life-changing practice,” she says.

How can we identify our dreams?

“In order to identify your dreams, and dream big, you have to ask yourself the right questions to help let go of limitations. Be as bold as you like. Be as silly as you like. Be as childish as you like,” Kristina says.

Think outside the box and discover what you’re passionate about. Talk to others who are already involved with where you see yourself going, volunteer, take courses and most importantly, be guided by what you vale, she says.

“Make time to explore what matters to you and prioritise these parts of your life so you can live with greater balance and purpose,” she adds.

For Kristina, visualisation is a powerful tool. “Explore what a dream day, week and year looks like and then start working towards making that your reality,” she suggests. “And be inspired by the words of others – collect quotes and gather any learnings from them that resonate with you and apply them to your dream life.”

How do we put this into action?

To get you on the way, Kristina asks if you could only do seven things to make your dream come true, what would they be?

“I find this to be a really powerful question because my experience in chasing nearly any dream is that there are no more than a few things that are absolutely crucial,” she continues. “From here it’s about creating a one-page dream roadmap, which is all about making sure your dreams are clear and actionable, keeping yourself accountable and thinking about who can help with each.”

The three must-dos

Kristina says that there are a few things you should do in order to set you up in the right way to achieve your dream life.

Firstly, surround yourself with the right people. “This will give you the energy and support you need on your journey towards your dream life,” she says. “People can be an amazing source of inspiration.”

Second, get your dreams in order. Kristina says that while you can do anything, you can’t do everything at once. “Prioritising your three most important and meaningful dreams will spur you into action and set you up for success,” she tells.

Last but not least, if you want to make your dreams come true, you actually have to do the work. “It sounds silly but making the transition from dreaming to doing, is what will allow you to succeed,” she says.

While it may all be about changing your mindset and working out practical steps to achieve your dreams, Kristina says she wouldn’t be where she is today without allowing herself to dream with no limits.

“For some reason, in my experience, as we grow up we seem to lose the child-like ability – that we were all born with – to dream without constraint. I want to help people around the world to recapture that,” she explains.

Your Dream Life Starts Here, RRP $29.95 is available in kikki.K stores, as well as select department stores and bookstores around the globe. 

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