Diabetic Workout Plan

Regular exercise is even more important for diabetics than it is for the general population. Staying active helps your body respond to insulin and effectively manage blood glucose, as well as improving circulation and boosting heart health in a number of ways. For some, staying fit may even mean less reliance on medication. So get moving today and make a lifelong habit of it!

This easy to follow, six-week exercise plan will help get you into gear and stay there. It’s all about consistency and preparing a solid fitness base, so you can confidently commit to an active lifestyle, longer term. This program is 100% safe for diabetics of all fitness levels and if you find you need a little more of a challenge, we’ve included an advanced workout at the end too.

Equipment needed: Fit Ball, Resistance Band + YOU!

How it works: This plan is broken up into three parts. You’ll follow Part 1 for the first two weeks, Part 2 for weeks 3 & 4 and Part 3 for weeks 5 & 6. If you’re already fit as a fiddle, try our Advanced Session at the end of this article and then, once you’ve built a solid base, start getting creative with your workouts. Search the internet for new and interesting workouts, create your own variations of basic moves, take your cardio outdoors and soak up the scenery. Most of all, make sure you do something you enjoy, because that way you’re guaranteed to stick to it!

What you’ll be doing: For each ‘part’, you’ll complete a designated number of cardio workouts, resistance workouts and recovery sessions, each week.

What you need to do before you start: Visit your doctor to get the all-clear to begin and make sure you check your blood glucose before and after each session. If you plan to exercise more than an hour after eating, have a high carbohydrate snack on hand just in case you need it. Fresh or dried fruit, or juice are great options for a quick glucose hit when you need one. Always be aware of how your body feels before and during exercise and if you’re experiencing any abnormal symptoms (nausea, breathlessness, tingling or numbness in your legs, dizziness) it’s best to stop, address the issue and leave your workout for another time.

The first two weeks of your program are all about forming good habits. Here’s what you’ll do…

Now that your bod is getting used to moving on a daily basis, it’s time to step it up and take things to the next level.

You should be starting to feel fit as a fiddle by now! The last two weeks of this program will challenge your bod that little bit more and if you’re starting to find things all too easy, make sure you have a go at the Advanced Session too.

We hope you enjoyed your six-week training program. Remember, consistency is key, so make sure the end of this program doesn’t mean the end of your workouts… keep experimenting and mixing it up, finding new ways to challenge your body and stay healthy.

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