Detoxing - From the internal to the external.

Imagine you are someone else walking in to your life and ask yourself these questions:

- What would I see if I walked into your personal living space?
- What do you spend your time doing?
- What do you spend your money on?
- What do you spend your energy doing?

The answers to these questions will give you an idea of your true values, giving you an idea of the things that are most important to you. If any of these are toxic, change them!
While your body goes through the bodily health detox, reflect and meditate on your life choices. Be aware of yourself and your surroundings. Take some time to analyse yourself and the external influences affecting your internal operations.

As you are detoxing your body, also begin to detox your environment including your living and working space. Detox your physical space by de-cluttering and throwing out or donating unwanted excess items in your home, keeping your living space in a stress free workable order.

Your workspace is a reflection of your state of mind. Have a dedicated space for your keys, wallet and phone so you're not always rushing around looking for them.

Be aware of your household cleaning aids and the chemicals they contain which could ultimately cause stress to our bodies. Become more aware of the toxins you are breathing in as pollutants and make changes to minimise this.

Perhaps choose to re-route your morning walk/jog/run away from main arterial roads to avoid the car traffic fumes.

Our reliance on technology means we are constantly on our phones reading email, texts or on social network sites which all adds to the electronic toxic energy our bodies absorb. Mindfulness of its effects is key, and many of us do not realise the extent of toxin exposure. Men for example should be aware that phones or laptops around the genital areas can affect their fertility!

Toxic thoughts and emotions are very damaging to a person’s health. People who harbour negative beliefs in their hearts and minds can in turn manifest externally in the form of physical disease and illness. Be aware that stress, anger, anxiety, guilt, shame and fear have a direct impact on our immune systems. Working on clearing the emotional burden brought about by negative emotions, complemented with positive lifestyle changes can create outstanding results. Clearing out past emotional traumatic events is as important as cleansing out the toxins in our body.

There are many methodologies out there that you can take up depending on your beliefs and comfort zone. You may be open to Hypnosis, NLP, Meditation, Reiki, Kinesiology (energetic healing), straight forward counselling, psychotherapy or even just finding a friendly and sympathetic shoulder to cry on. We all have problems. The first step is to be aware of our issues then take ownership of the fact that we will do whatever it takes to resolve them.

Take a look around, especially the people you have around you and check if you are spending time with those who have toxic personalities.

Here is a great exercise to detox the mind. You can do it easily do now and all you need is two pieces of paper.

On the first piece of paper write down all the thoughts, beliefs, feelings, affirmations you have and give yourself when you are feeling at your best e.g. confident, happy, fun, “I am smart”, “I look great” etc.

On the second piece of paper write down all of your thoughts, beliefs and feelings you have when you are feeling at your worst, e.g. depressed, angry, “I'll never meet anyone”, “I always push people away”, “I am not worth knowing” etc.

You may find that you sometimes exhibit feelings and thoughts at polar spectrums. One day you may write 'I feel very confident at my best' and on another 'I feel painfully shy at my worst'.

Now imagine you stayed aligned to your fear or imprisoning energy. After reading the list of things you've written, close your eyes and imagine yourself 10 years from now. What does it look like? Are you likely to have achieved your goals and dreams? Do you see yourself fulfilling your potential? Chances are your answer would be no. I imagine you wouldn’t like this picture either - it's toxic!

Take a good look at that piece of paper and count your blessings. Be grateful that this future hasn't occurred yet.

Taking the second piece of paper, read your affirmations and repeat the exercise. Staying in that empowered frame of mind fast forward 10 years into the future – how does everything look and feel now? Have you achieved everything you'd desired and hoped for?

You are more likely to do achieve your goals, dreams and objectives and be the person you have always wanted to be if you choose to sit more consistently in your positive energy.

Don’t believe the quick fix hype. Remember that anything that requires severe periods of deprivation or an extreme lifestyle change is unlikely to be maintained for more than a few weeks. Make small changes and keep improving in stages.

It takes discipline and consistency but the end result is worth it. It’s easier than you think! Listen to your body and be aware of how your mental and emotional states then make empowering decisions from there.

Now take the necessary steps to turn this into a reality!!

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