Commando Steve's Top 5 Training Tips

It's important to maintain focus in training sessions and not adopt bad habits. Commando Steve shares his top 5 tips to ensure you get the most out of your fitness regime.

If you're working hard at training and maintaining a healthy diet, you want to make sure you're reaping the rewards. Body Science Ambassador Commando Steve comes across these habits regularly through his client's training sessions, but the good news is that you can correct them easily.

Follow his top 5 tips to break your bad training habits today.

1. Fuel up

Diet makes up 80 per cent of your health and fitness journey. People think that training on an empty stomach helps you burn more calories but; fact is, if you’re going hard, you need energy stored to achieve maximum power and endurance.

Keep your kitchen stocked with clean foods like lean protein (salmon, cold cuts, beef, chicken or turkey), good carbohydrates (green leafy vegetables, salads and some fruits), fats (nuts, seeds, avocado and olive oil), or protein bars will also do the trick (my personal favorite is Body Science’s Athlete’s Range Choc Protein Bar). Having a snack 30 to 45 mins before you work out will ensure you have the energy to see it through.

2. Create workouts that target your entire body

Plan your training sessions in advance to make sure your fitness regime strikes the balance of cardio and resistance. Drill down into your strength training, too. Ensure your training every muscle group – legs, arms, back and abs. Balance is the key to getting in great shape.

3. Avoid groundhog day

Mixing up your exercise routine is important to avoid getting bored. Even the most invigorating workouts get old after a few weeks and your body becomes used to the workout. Shake things up to keep your workouts interesting and your body constantly challenged.

4. Focus on form and technique

It’s all good to go hard in a session but if you’re not exercising correct form and technique you’re eventually going to hurt yourself. Injuries are the most effective way to ensure you don’t achieve the body you want by having to sit out training while you recover. Make sure you’re recruiting the right muscles and maintaining good posture throughout every exercise you do. Work out with a friend or seek the help of a trainer or coach who can hold you accountable when your form and technique slips.

5. No token efforts

Anything less than 100 per cent is a waste. You’ve managed to get to the wherever it is that you’re planning to train, but that’s only half the job. To get the most out of your workout, give your session everything you’ve got, go hard and fast, keep the session short and intense.

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