Can Yoga Change Your Life?

Renowned yoga instructor, Claire Robbie, reveals 6 ways yoga can help transform your health and wellbeing.

Flexibility, increased energy, improved memory – these are just a few of the things yoga is credited with. And while we’ve all heard that know that yoga can help improve our body, spirit and mind, yoga expert, Claire Robbie says yoga can be truly transformative.

“A regular yoga practice will change your life,” said Claire. “The things that are illuminated on your mat will travel with you into your life.”

In the lead up to spring, when Claire will help thousands of women to spring clean their lives in A Season of Change, she shares just how this ancient practice can help you to live the best life possible: 

1. You will develop an intimate relationship with your breath. Yoga is fundamentally about breathing. No matter what style of yoga you practice, the breath is key. Breath is cleansing, breath is transformative, breath is now. It's the tool that calms the mind and brings you into the present moment where life is happening.

2. Yoga will still the mind. Using the breath as a tool, there will be more and more frequent moments where the mind is still and clear. We all have that incessant, fickle and sometimes nonsensical voice keeping us company most of the time. That voice isn't who we really are, in fact behind that voice, the observer of that voice is where we find our true selves.

3. You will develop your mind/body connection. Yoga teaches us to become more in-tune with what our bodies need and we learn to start responding to these needs rather than the ego. You will learn so much about yourself, good and bad and you will soon realize that they are both sides of the same coin.

4. You will become more flexible and strong. A by-product of a regular yoga practice is that you move  and strengthen your body. The blood pumps and circulates and you iron out kinks you never knew you had. You will be able to touch your toes and possibly even do a handstand but you'll soon realize that flexible hamstrings and a killer inversion doesn't make you a better person.

5. Balance. You will learn compassion for yourself which in turn will become compassion for those around you. Having compassion for yourself will mean almost immediately you start making healthier choices in your life which in turn help guide you towards balance.

6. Friendships. You will meet like-minded people who are also on a journey of personal growth and reflection. Like attracts like and as your light begins to shine through people will come into your life that will want to help make that light shine brighter.

Throughout A Season of Change, Claire shares more on how you can incorporate yoga and stretching into your day, for the ultimate in health and wellbeing.

To take advantage of more tips from Claire and the team of experts, register today for the free online 12-week transformation event, A Season of Change, at

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