Can Meditation Make You Younger?

Move over expensive creams and painful surgeries. Did you know that regular meditation can make you look and feel 20 years younger?

Move over expensive creams and painful surgeries. Did you know that regular meditation can make you look and feel 20 years younger, increase health and longevity and prevent brain-deterioration, dramatically changing what we previously thought were inevitable processes?

This natural - and free - practice is rapidly rising as a powerful alternative to the multi-billion dollar anti-aging industry, with experts and studies revealing that the effects go beyond feeling calm and peaceful for a few minutes.

Real life story

Author of The Secret Method of Growing Younger Ellen Wood looks nowhere near her biological age. “Even though I have more than 73 years under my belt, I have more energy, stamina, flexibility, and vitality than even 30 years ago. My body is stronger and my mind much clearer and sharper.”

Ellen credits daily meditation as being one of the key factors in her ‘growing younger’ program. “Growing younger starts with the mind. It doesn’t matter how many exercises you do, or how healthy your diet or the amount of restful sleep, growing younger won’t happen unless your mind can access that joyful place within that releases stress and promotes happy cells. Meditation as a daily habit takes me to that place.”

According to Professor and Doctor of Raphaology Medicine, Morning Spirit Wolf, also a practitioner of Herbal and Nutritional Medicine, meditation allows you to literally step out of time because it taps into the pineal gland of the brain. “Pineal function, a little known gland, produces hormones that regulate bio-rhythms, immunity, perception, and aging.”

The benefits of meditation

The impact of meditation on aging, particularly the aging brain, has been a topic of research for many years for Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa, the founding president and medical director of the Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation in Arizona.

“Our research reveals that meditation lowers the stress chemical in the blood called cortisol. Cortisol kills brain cells and leads to cognitive decline. Our research also shows that our simple 12 minute daily meditation called Kirtan Kriya enhances brain blood flow in critical areas of the brain and reverses memory loss.”

Dr Khalsa also explains how meditation can increase our longevity and decrease our overall aging process. “Meditation lowers blood pressure and other markers of aging including MVO2 or oxygen demand. It enhances psychological well-being, perhaps the most significant determinate of telomere length (telemores are the end cap of our DNA), which is a very important marker of aging and longevity: longer telomers = less illness and longer life.”

Building healthy cells

Occupational Therapy Practitioner and Host of television show Functional Fitness Suzanne Andrews uses meditation in her treatments with clients, saying that meditation is an important part of healthy cell function, and that our cells ultimately determine everything about the way we look and feel.

“Meditation when combined with diaphragmic breathing increases oxygen intake which increases blood flow. There are 1 billion oxygen molecules in 1 red blood cell - very important because blood nourishes all of your body systems cells. Adults come with a total number of 100 trillion cells. Each of these cells is an important life form that depends on oxygen and blood to transport nutrients, gases, wastes, and hormones.

Meditation helps our cells work better as a system because a cell is a system of parts that help it to work. Like a watch, if one part breaks down, the whole watch stops keeping time. So too, our cells age when one part breaks down. Keeping our cells healthy slows down the aging process.”

Meditation and fertility

Essentially, meditation is a key way of taking charge of your own health, looks and longevity. Acupuncturist Janet Humphrey is the founder of New York’s Giving Nature Center, and uses acupuncture needles to induce a state of meditation.

“This state restores the body’s optimum functioning and harmonious nervous system function, benefiting our organs, skin and circulation. It helps issues including insomnia, anxiety, depression, ulcers, digestive disorders, menstrual and fertility issues. Cells are receiving the healthy nutrients that they need. When they are well nourished they can work at their best. Once people experience this through acupuncture, they want to maintain it – so I recommend meditation so they aren’t dependant.”

The brilliance of meditation is that it is simple to do, and accessible to everyone. Here is a ten minute Deep Breathing and Relaxation Meditation to help get you started.

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Posted by Michelle2057Report
An interesting read. Our lifestyles have become much busier and many of us are juggling multiple tasks all at the same time. Finding the time to relax, time to one-self is extremely important, not only does it help re-charge the batteries but it also enables us to develop a clearer focus towards our goals whether in business or socially. I’ve practiced meditation for more years than I care to remember, and my preferred technique is known as Vijja Dhammakaya Meditation a well-proven methodology that dates back to the original teachings of Buddha and although similarities exist to other’s, it differs in that it’s an extremely deep meditation technique that requires a consistent and regular routine in order to achieve the benefits. You can learn more about this technique and how it can benefit you by visiting where you’ll find an large number of resources to start you on your way.