Why having a ‘braingasm’ is the next big thing

With a new survey revealing that almost 9 in 10 Aussies admit to not having enough pleasure in their lives, the new wellness trend has emerged.

The idea of having a braingasm isn't as strange as it sounds and we talked to Groupon’s psychologist expert, Cassandra Dunn, to let us in on this new way to inject some pleasure into our lives.

What is a braingasm?

"Braingasm is a term people use to describe a spontaneous sensation of pleasure or joy, which is felt on a visceral level," Cassandra explains. "Many people describe it as a spine tingling sensation that comes over them in a wave and seems to move from their head, down their spine – hence the ‘brain-gasm’ or ‘head-gasm’ term."

Well, that sounds alright to us! 

Why are braingasms beneficial to us?

From the definition of a braingasm, it sounds pretty self explanatory of why it's so good for us, but Cassandra sheds some more light.

"Anything that evokes a sense of calm or peace, or a feeling of pleasure, is useful for countering the effects of stress and anxiety," she says. "With the rise in popularity of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) videos that are designed to evoke the sensations of a braingasm, there’s been some suggestion that it might help people manage anxiety or panic by bringing them into the present moment in much the same way that mindfulness does."

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What things can give us a braingasm?

But how do get this magical sensation into our lives? Well, Cassandra explains that the triggers vary from person to person.

"It’s a very unique experience, but it’s often brought on by experiences that evoke a pleasurable sense of relaxation," she says. "Anything from having someone do you a favour, to having your hair brushed, or someone writing letters on your back with their finger. Lots of people report experiencing it since childhood, but it’s only been recently people have started to put words to the experience and share anecdotes of what typically induces it."

She adds that physical activities can also induce this experience as well. "A massage or a hair treatment, or even eating something truly pleasurable," she says. "In fact, new research from Groupon’s Pleasure Survey has shown that they get more pleasure out of experiences such as relaxing on a holiday, enjoying a meal in a restaurant or indulging in a spa treatment."

Why we aren’t getting enough pleasure?

"The Groupon Pleasure survey shows that almost 9 in 10 Aussies believe there are barriers that stop them experiencing pleasure in their lives," Cassandra explains. 

The top three barriers were found to be: cost, feeling tired, and a general lack of time. 

"I believe, because we live such high-pressured and fast-paced lives, it always feels like there is something more important to be done," she says. "Doing things purely for our own pleasure can feel quite indulgent."

However, Cassandra says we need to immerse ourselves in activities with the intention of being present and experiencing real pleasure.

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