5 simple exercises to do at home to lose 5kg

Feel like you need to lose those extra kilos you put on during isolation?

Well, you're not alone.

Thankfully we've asked Chloe Dallimore, owner and trainer at Xtend Barre Eastern Beaches, to share five exercises which will get you stronger and leaner!

Chloe shows us how it's done with these handy tips and instructional video: 

Plié in 1st add relevé, add jump (Front of leg focus)

1. Stand facing a kitchen bench/ back of chair/ barre, with both hands resting on the bench/ back of chair/ barre.

2. With your heels together and your feet in a natural V position (first position), plié by bending the knees over the toes, keeping your back straight and not allowing the chest to drop or the heels to lift.

3. Stretch the legs to lift back up to a straight leg position without locking the knees back (try to pull your knees up to your hips to engage the muscles in the front of your leg).

4. To make this a little more challenging, add a lift of the heel when the legs straighten up.

5. To challenge further, add a jump, making sure you land carefully through the feet.

Second position cardio at bench (You want to feel your heart rate lift a little)

1. Stand with your L hand on the kitchen bench/ back of chair/ barre.

2. Open the legs and feet wider than hip-width, rock back onto your heels to create the second position by rotating the legs outwards from the hip.

3. Bend the knees again over the toes into a plié. You should be able to go deeper now you have a wider stance but keep the back straight (imagine you are in a toaster!).

4. As you stretch up, bring your outside foot to the inside of the supporting leg, into passé. Keep your hips square to the front. Repeat x 8.

5. For more challenge, add a lift of the supporting leg heel. Repeat x 8.

6. Repeat on the other side, with your right hand on the bench/ back of chair/barre.

Tricep dips and push-ups at bench (Back of arms focus)

1. Stand with your back to kitchen bench/ barre (don’t use the back of a chair for this one as it is too unstable to support your body weight).

2. Position the heels of your hands on the bench/ barre, shoulder-width apart, elbows slight bent.

3. Walk your feet forwards so you start to feel a challenge into your upper body and your abdominals having to work to keep you supported.

4. Slowly bend your arms, keeping the elbows reaching directly behind you.

5. Start straightening your elbows to the position you started in, always keeping a little bend in your elbows. Repeat x 16.

6. For more challenge, hold in mid-rage and pulse for 16 counts.

Fold over glute series at bench/chair (Back of legs/ lower glute focus)

1. Facing the bench/ back of chair, bend your knees, cross your forearms over one another (like a genie) and hinge from the crease of your thighs, resting your forearms on the bench/ back of chair/ barre, forehead hovering just off your forearms.

2. Reach your right leg behind you, leg extended, toe on the floor.

3. Lift your left leg as high as you can without anything changing in your upper body. You want to feel your lower butt muscles activating. You shouldn’t feel anything into your lower back. Repeat x 8.

4. Slightly cross the right leg over your mid-line to touch the floor, then lift back up to to the highest point, directly behind you. Repeat x 8. 

5. Repeat the whole series using the left leg.

Plank at bench/ barre - (Abdominals focus)

1. Facing the bench/ barre, place your hands, or for more support, your forearms on the bench/ barre.

2. Walk your feet away until you are in a long diagonal from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. You should feel your abdominals working hard to support your body weight.

3. Draw the right thigh to chest, bending the knee, replace the foot to the start position. Repeat with the left leg. Repeat x 8 sets.

4. For more challenge, increase the tempo/pace of the legs...you could increase the tempo so that you feel as if you are running on the spot.


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