Astrological New Years Forecast

Happy New Year! No, I’m not nearly four months too late – the astrological new year occurs every year between the 19th and 21st March, at the time of the March equinox. Find out what's in store for your star sign! 

At the time of this equinox, the Sun appears to cross the celestial equator, hearing northwards. In the northern hemisphere, this is the vernal equinox and marks the first day of spring; in the southern hemisphere, it’s the autumnal equinox marking the first day of autumn.

Wherever you are in the world, the March equinox is when the Sun arrives at the point 0 degrees Aries – the start of the astrological calendar. But does this new year bring new year vibes for your sign? Read on to find out.


There’s a strong feeling of renewal as the Sun arrives in your sign, Aries, and you’ll spend the next few months putting some exciting plans into action, particularly in your love life. Venus arrives in Aries at the beginning of May, further boosting your romantic options. As the rest of the year progresses, Mars, your ruler, encourages your ambitions and heralds a hard working autumn and winter.


The astrological new year comes at a very ambitious moment in time for you, Taurus, and you’ll spend spring and early summer working diligently to improve your lot. Your domestic life is undergoing changes now, and there could be a house move on the cards when Venus enters your sign at the end of May. Love hots up over the summer, as Mars brings you passion and sensuality in abundance.


You’re feeling quite restless already, Gemini, and the astrological new year adds to this urge to change things. Creatively, you’re on fire during spring and early summer, so try to free your imagination and let the ideas flow. Your closest partnership offers great joy in June, July and August, but watch out for potential power struggles emerging towards the end of the year, especially over finances.


As the astrological new year dawns, your preoccupation is your family and home life, which could be rather quarrelsome under the influence of Mars. Better news financially is on the way in July, however, courtesy of Jupiter. During the summer months you’ll have to work hard to establish a workable home-career balance, but the autumn and winter months are shaping up to be very loving and romantic for you.


Venus is in your opposite sign throughout the new year period, casting a rosy glow over your love life and bringing harmony to the home too. The feel good factor only increases as Jupiter enters your sign in mid July, swiftly followed by Venus in mid August. During the autumn, focus on reigning in some of your wilder impulses, and refrain from gambling or taking too many emotional risks.


After an astrological new year period focused firmly on money and finances, your thoughts will turn to educational matters as the summer weather warms up. It’s a great year for taking new qualifications or courses, which in turn can lead to better career prospects. Venus enters your sign in September, promising a breather from the hard work – indeed, autumn looks quite frisky and passionate, with lots of love to be had.


It’s “me, me, me” as the astrological new year begins, Libra, with Mars still in your own sign and Venus encouraging you to take risks. Slowly, however, the rest of the  year settles into a more sociable pattern, with lots of new social contacts arriving via Jupiter over the summer. During the autumn months, concentrate on sorting out your budgeting and on spending time with your family.


It’s quite a deep, dark and thoughtful astrological new year for you, Scorpio, with Mars transiting the most psychologically sensitive part of your chart. The focus will brighten considerably when Mars enters your sign in late July, and better financial news over the rest of the summer will help uplift you too. When Saturn leaves your sign a few days before Christmas, you’ll really find the light at the end of the tunnel.


The astrological new year vibe manifests for you, Sagittarius, as an enthusiasm to broaden your mind. You’ll take a great delight in education and learning this year, especially when Jupiter highlights this area of your chart over the summer. Summer is a great time to develop psychically too, but watch out for ego in late September. Saturn’s arrival in your sign in late December is a wake up call.


Ambition and aspirations are at the forefront of your mind around the time of the equinox, Capricorn. As the year progresses, however, you’ll start to take a more spiritual approach to life, especially when Mars activates this area of your chart in September. Saturn prompts deep and thoughtful moments throughout winter too, but you’ll find emotional and psychological release through discussing your worries.


Your confidence is high, Aquarius, during the astrological new year. With Venus in your own sign and Mars encouraging you to grow and to explore, the world is at your feet. During the summer, concentrate on your career ambitions and expand your social circle too, as there are many new friends to be made. Your year is an all round good one, with progress personally, professionally and emotionally.


Although your astrological new year may initially feel a little troubled, Pisces, the clouds will clear very quickly. Early in April, Venus enters your sign and brings you peace, confidence and a very loving vibe. During the summer, Mars brings you the desire and the power to break free of a rut, and you’ll be travelling too. As winter approaches, make an effort to expand your social circle, and say “yes” more often.


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