Ashy Bines Criticises Woman for 'Carrying More Weight Than She Should'

Fitness guru Ashy Bines has called out a plus-size model for being a "bad role model" for women.

Ashy took to her Facebook page to talk about an issue she calls "health". 

The 27-year-old Queenslander expressed concern about women being "praised" for "carrying more weight than what they should".

To colour her point, the inventor of the Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge posted two photos side-by-side: The first of a young model, Ana Carolina Reston, who died from a tragic eating disorder, and the second an image of a plus size model Tess Holliday.

Image via Facebook

"The girl on the left is obviously underweight - yes she maybe genetically small but it's pretty obvious she is not healthy and has not been eating a well balanced diet," Ashy wrote.

"The girl on the right I've seen in recent articles and apparently is an 'inspiration' to the younger generation - I also think she is not a good role model for young girls.

"Thin girls are slammed ALOT these days but females who are carrying more weight than what they should for there bodies, organs , moods , bones , cells etc to be 'healthy' are now inspirations because they are confident in their swimsuit?"

Well yes, actually. She should be an inspiration. If her message is 'be happy in the body you have' - by all means, she should be a role model.

The truth is, Ashy does not know the kind of relationship Tess has with her body. She doesn't know what she eats and drinks, what she does for exercise, how she spends her time, or what her GP told her the last time she went in for a check-up.

Fact: Ashy Bines is not a doctor, and she is not qualified to tell a woman if she is healthy based on a photograph.

Fact: Ashy has no right to comment on the body of any woman, let alone a woman who never, ever sought her counsel. 

Fact: Shaming a woman's body in a public arena is bullying, and for all Ashy's worries she will be attacked on social media because of her opinions, perhaps she should have considered how kind it was to publish images of these women on her Facebook page and make their bodies fodder for her followers.


Make no mistake, body image issues plague most women today. Whether that woman is a Victoria's Secret model or the woman sitting next to you on the bus - all women are conditioned to think constantly and critically about their bodies, often to the point it is unhealthy for their minds.

Some of these women are those who seek help from women like Ashy and her "bikini body challenge" (because Ashy is clearly all too aware of what a "bikini body" is 'supposed' to look like).

The question here is not whether Tess is healthy. Nobody except Tess and her GP knows the answer to this question.

It is whether Ashy fully considered what was more important: having an "Ashy Bines" body, or possessing a healthy mind?

More than that, it is whether people - strangers, no less - have the right to use women's bodies for public conversation?

And I emphatically believe they do not. 

The fact of the matter is a woman's body - what she does with it and how she chooses to present it - is nobody's business but her own.

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