Are You Ready For Love?

If you're looking for love but secretly still a bit hung up on your ex, you're setting yourself up for a tough time romantically!

LifeStyle YOU's resident astrologer, Yasmin Boland, reveals a marvellous method of releasing the past, so you can open the future.

If you’re still broken-hearted over an ex, or hung up on someone at the pub/work/your best friend’s flatmate, then chances are you’re not going to be open to the idea of meeting some¬one new - even if someone new could be more right for you and, more importantly, more interested in you.

It's far better to cut with the past and open up space in your life for the right person who will stay with you through thick and thin. And what better way to do this than by clearing your place of all the stuff that’s associated with past loves?


Start by taking down the pictures you have of your ex in your house and room. Pictures only prompt thoughts of him, and that’s definitely going to stop you moving forward. (Don’t worry if you’re meant to be with your ex, he’ll come back to you, with or without pictures of him in your boudoir.)

Next, take any gifts, trinkets and love notes from him and put them somewhere special. I don’t recommend throwing them out altogether, unless you feel the need, of course. If there’s a truckload of ‘stuff’ left over from your past relationships, pare this back so you have just a few selected items which can be sorted and stored away easily for when you’re a Grandma looking back over your life.

This part of the process is all about opening yourself up to someone new.

Remember, you’re about to move forward, and even if this all takes you back to your previous man, you’ll want to start on a new footing. Too much sentimental dross from Round One might not help Round Two. After all, if you broke up, something obviously has to change. So be brave, and clear his stuff right out of your sight.

Done that? Okay, now try the following exercise to help you break with the past and clear the way for the future.


1. Close your eyes and imagine your ex (or the guy you’ve been lusting after for too long) standing opposite you. Perhaps he’s wearing the clothes you adore him in most. He almost certainly looks as cute as he ever did when you were together.

2. Imagine him beaming at you with a great big smile on his face.

3. Smile right back at him, no matter how much pain or hurt there’s been. You’re not here to fight with his image but to make your peace.

4. Now try to visualise a number of cords running between the two of you, keeping you tied to one another. These are known as etheric cords and are built up through days and weeks and months or even years of interaction with each other, sometimes for good, sometimes for bad. We have them with everyone we have a relationship with, but if you’ve given him more thought than is strictly healthy, you’ll have a tangle of them. Every time you think about him now- or vice versa - you run another cord to each other. So. You know the old saying ‘If you love someone, set them free’? This applies here and now. You are about to cut those cords. If he’s meant to be yours, he’ll come back to you, sure as you’re reading this right now.

5. Smile at him again, see him smile back, and now start to cut the cords.

6. You can visualise using your bare hands or a pair of golden scissors to do this. You can use an imaginary laser beam. Use a chainsaw if you need to.

7. Notice how easy or difficult it is to do this.

8. Notice how much you both know it needs to be done.

9. When you’ve cut the cords, smile one last time at your friend and allow him to float away from you, on to the next stage of his life, just as you’ll now be embarking on yours.

10. Smile and quietly wish him well as you wave him off. Be happy that you’ve done this.

If you can do this and feel good about it, then you truly have released yourself from the past. You are now open to new love. Enjoy!

For more information about bringing love into your life, read Yasmin Boland's new book Cosmic Love. Click here to order online now.

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