Embarrassing Bodies Down Under

Apply for Embarrassing Bodies Down Under

The Australian clinic has opened its doors and is still on the lookout for patients to treat on Embarrassing Bodies Down Under.

Are you suffering in silence?

Got a pressing medical issue you finally want resolved?

Our team wants to hear about registrations of interest for a possible second series. 

Remember, there’s no shame, we’re all the same.

To apply and get more details, contact:

EMAIL: bodies@shineaustralia.com

Find out more about our new series and meet the Aussie doctors here

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Posted by Adela10Report
Hi I'm Noori actually I'm looking for a good embarrassing doctor in Australia can u please show me name of city and doctors or clinic thank you
Posted by Allison302Report
Please help me I have lost 40 kgs in the last year and the majority is from my belly. I have to shower at least twice a day so that I do not smell and my boobs are just empty sacks one is a d and the other is a b or c. I feel like a rolly dog and I can not afford the surgery because I'm a struggling Uni student.
Posted by Taryn79Report
Am devastated just sent a huge heartfelt email about my dear friend and her suffering to show to get an automated response saying applications no longer being processed :'( I am so upset! I am hoping that they still look at them regardless and will take at look at her case....12 months of continuing suffering and no end in sight! feel so helpless and was really hoping the show would help!
Posted by Jodie615Report
As far as verrucas go, the British-version of "Embarrassing Bodies" (later re-named, "Embarrassing Illnesses") treated a young girl named Charlotte who had them. If you look up on YouTube, you may find the video... I'm pretty sure it involved salt water and a special foot plate that passed a mild electric current through her feet. May sound a little extreme, but you can't argue with the results! (In Charlotte's case, it was lucky the verrucas appeared, because they did a blood-test to find the cause and it turned out she has leukaemia :-O so the appearance of verrucas as a warning sign may have just saved her life! But do see if you can find that episode) Hope that helps ^_^ signed, a serial Embarrassing Bodies fan :-D
Posted by Georgia270Report
I have these really bad veruca's on my feet, i've had them for years and I just cant seem to get rid of them. I'm really self concious about them and just want to get rid of them, i've tried to cut them off with scissors but that just made them worse and spread them across both of my feet.
Can you please help me??!!
Posted by Cameron30Report
I also have quite severe Veruca's and i've been having freeze treatment done to them which isn't seeming to do anything to them, i'm in the same situation, i'm very self conscious about them and it effects me.
Posted by Jamie179Report
Hi I have one breast a full cup smaller than the other I have been like this since puberty I have been to a doctor to see what I could do but I do not have the money to get it fixed and it's so hard to find a bra that fits me or swimmer top is there anything you could do to help me please??
Posted by Stacey132Report
I hope applications are still being accepted.. That email was the hardest thing I have ever written. I'm exhausted :(
Posted by Connie5Report
I have just sent an email through. Im hoping that I will get a reply. I am always intrigued with what I see and Ive seen the most amazing results. I've been a fan of the show for a very long time and thought "if only it was here" wow now it is. It would definitely be embarrassing revealing my faults but its worth it for the results. So here's hoping.
Posted by Zoe246Report
How do you apply?