8 Everyday Superfoods for your Wellbeing

The latest superfoods to hit the headlines may promise to boost your health, but they can also leave a huge dent in your wallet. Luckily, healthy eating doesn't have to cost a fortune. These 8 budget superfoods will leave you feeling just as great, as their more expensive (and trendier) counterparts!

The superfoods craze is in full swing, with various ingredients (think quinoa, kale and goji berries) being relentlessly promoted by nutrition experts and the media. While these superfoods can add both variety and sustenance to your diet, they can also wreak havoc on your bank balance.

Fortunately, there are a whole host of other cheaper and more accessible superfoods you've probably forgotten about, that do just a good a job. Take a look below! 

1. Oats

It's common to hear the words spelt, amaranth and quinoa being thrown around, but let's not forget about the humble oat. Not only is it cheap, versatile and widely available, it has an extensive list of benefits including reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels, as well as boosting the digestive system and improving heart health. Containing zinc, iron, calcium and fibre, it's the perfect addition to your diet.

2. Sweet potato

This healthy root vegetable may not be as popular as the white spud, yet it provides the greatest amount of minerals and vitamins such as vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and iron. It's one of the best natural sources of antioxidant beta-carotene, which lowers the risk of heart disease, cancer, and is also good for improving eye health.

3. Sardines

Omega-3 is one of the latest buzzwords, so it's great to know that you can easily swap your fresh salmon for tinned sardines, and get the same amount of nutritional benefits for less than half the price! Omega-3 is essential for skin, brain and heart health, and you're also getting a great hit of protein, calcium, vitamin D and the elusive vitamin B-12.

4. Blackcurrants

While acai and goji berry seem to be at the top of the list at health bars across the country, the less expensive blackcurrant can still provide you with a heap of antioxidants. Blackcurrants are more nutritious than blueberries, raspberries and strawberries, and helps to ward off cancer and dementia.

5. Tomatoes

This fruit is one of the richest sources of antioxidant lycopene, which assists in lowering cholesterol, protecting the heart and reducing the risk of cancer, in particular prostate. They also help to prevent blood cots and boost the immune system.

6. Green tea

So cheap to pick up from the supermarket, green tea offers a host of benefits. Great for weight loss, it assists in speeding up the metabolism, protects against cancer, and is also a great beauty product in warding off wrinkles! 

7. Beetroot

Instead of opting for a kale or acai juice, why not try a beetroot juice for a fraction of the cost? With a high source of folate and vitamin C, it improves liver function, lowers cholesterol, boosts stamina for exercise (perfect for a pre-gym hit!) and reduces the risk of dementia.

8. Broccoli

Who remembers as a kid squirming at the thought of eating the green vegetable on the plate? Well it seems that mum was on to something! This green powerhouse is full of vitamins C, A, and K (promoting bone health). It also earns its superfood status by delivering a good dose of sulforaphane, a type of isothiocyanate that is thought to help with reducing the risk of cancer.

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