7 ways to get fit for spring

Spring is the perfect time to get your body and mind prepped and totally ready for summer.

Whether you have over indulged over the winter months or just been a bit slack with your training, now is the perfect time to get organised and make a plan that will help you dominate spring and be beach fit ready for summer!

Here are my top 7 simple tips to start your journey.

Find a training buddy

It's always more fun training with someone else and you are more inclined to train as you won’t want to let your partner down. Also planning training sessions that you will enjoy together whether it be a boxing class, walking by the beach or trying out a new activity/class will keep you motivated and excited about your training week.

Focus on your food

80% of getting some great results comes down to food, so being smart with your food will make all the difference. If you can, eat foods that are higher in fibre, protein and those that are also low GI. Stick to portion control you will ensure your blood sugar is stable too. If you can keep your blood sugar as stable as possible your body will be in a fantastic fat burning position.

Eating regularly is super important as well to avoid your blood sugar becoming low which can cause cravings and lead you to making poor food choices. The ability to find a balance that works for you is really important, it’s not about being perfect with your food it is all about embracing the 80/20 mentality of eating well 80% of the time and knowing you have 20% up your sleeve to go out with friends or enjoy a glass of wine. This way of thinking will ensure you will maintain your results long term.

Get super organised

Plan your weekly sessions in advance so you have allocated the time in your calendar like any other meeting to make yourself a priority. Also get organised with your food prep, go shopping on a Sunday and making sure you have a clear vision for the week ahead will make all the difference. There is nothing worse when you get hungry and you have nothing ready to eat, this situation nearly always leads to making poor choices. If you can set aside a little bit of time once a week to do all the thinking you will be setting yourself up for success.

Weight training

Start lifting weights, there are so many benefits and its definitely not just for body builders! The more lean muscle you can build on your body the more fat you will burn by doing absolutely nothing as your body has to use a lot more energy to maintain it.

Weight training will also increase your metabolism, increase your bone density, make you stronger and the biggest benefit is that your body shape will transform in front of your eyes. The only way for your body to transform its shape long term is through weight training.

HITT it up

High Intensity Interval Training sessions are a great style of session to add into your week. They are quick, intense, and also highly beneficial when it comes to burning fat. All it takes is 20-30mins of skipping or running stairs or hill sprints and your session is done for the day. Getting your heart rate up during these session is great for burning more fat for many hours after you have finished as your metabolism is still elevated.


Getting enough sleep is really important! If you are not getting enough sleep you are at risk of not being able to perform at your best. Your body may produce cortisol which is a stress hormone which can affect weight loss if this is your goal. If you have trouble getting to sleep try to go to bed at the same time every night and work on having the same routine each night.

Taking a magnesium supplement can help as well short term, as for advice at your local health food store. If you know you are planning on doing an early morning workout go to bed at a reasonable time allowing your body a good 6 - 7 hours’ sleep so you wake up energised. Also remember whilst you are asleep your body is repairing itself, so getting quality sleep is essential.

Set a serious goal

Set yourself a big scary goal that may take you 12 months to achieve then work your way back setting smaller goals so you have a plan. Have your goals in a place you can see them every day and also get yourself a journal where you can write down everything about your journey.

The only way to grow as a person is to take yourself outside of your comfort zone which will allow you to achieve the goals you have set yourself and in turn build confidence.

To keep yourself on track set up some goal posts so you can reward yourself along the way with either some new gym gear or a shopping spree or a nice dinner out once you have achieved each short term goal or simply acknowledging how consistent you have been.

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