7 Ways Diet and Exercise Improve Your Appearance

The benefits of a healthy diet and regular exercise for men and women go far beyond your body. By improving what you eat – and how much you move – you are also boosting your beauty. Here's how!

1. Look Younger

The state of your health is written all over your face and youthful, vibrant skin is borne of healthy circulation, which is directly linked to exercise. See, when our heart pumps faster, blood flow is improved, and oxygen and nutrients are carried around the body. This increased circulation also helps flush toxins out of the cells. Together, the result is revitalized, more youthful looking skin and a super-duper ‘post-workout glow'!

2. Look More Svelte

Eating a diet high in fibre can rev up your fat burning abilities, even when you're sitting still! Fruits and vegetables are a great source of fibre, so ensure they are in the mix of your daily diet. By choosing these healthy options over sugary, processed snacks, you are setting yourself up for a faster metabolism and trim physique for life!

3. Look Happier!

Exercise doesn't only boost the heart rate; it also ups the happy hormones in the body, leading to a more balanced demeanor. Mood swings are linked to sudden blood sugar level fluctuations, so avoid sugary, salty and processed foods. Instead, replace them with a consistent intake of fruit, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds to enhance your health and happiness with each mouthful.

4. Look More Rested!

By being active during the day, you continue to benefit well into the evening – especially while you sleep! For optimal beauty sleep, avoid any stimulants before hitting the pillow (like caffeine and alcohol) and keep your dinner portions small as large meals increase blood flow to the digestive tract, causing a stimulating – rather than calming – reaction in the body. Quality sleep also works wonders the next day as you are more likely to be motivated to eat and exercise well when you are clear headed and well-rested. 

5. Look More Poised!

A strong posture is a confident posture, and exercise and good nutrition contribute to this also. Physical, weight-bearing activity is known to improve bone density and prevent bone brittleness well into older age, and a diet rich in calcium and Vitamin D assists in stronger bones and an improved posture. So you can stand tall well into your twilight years!

6. Look Sexier!

An active daily life leads to an active sex life. Men who exercise regularly and eat a diet light on junk are believed to enjoy an increased libido. For women, pelvic floor exercises and abdominal core strengthening may be linked to more satisfying workouts in the bedroom too!

7. Look Smarter!

A fit and healthy lifestyle knows no boundaries when it comes to visible benefits, but it's the invisible ones that prove impressive also! Exercise and a diet rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids (think fish, fish and more fish!) improves memory, cognitive thinking and is known to increase brain volume.

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