7 Signs Something May Be Amiss With Your Health

Is your body trying to tell you something? Well, if you’re suffering from bad breath, swollen feet or excessive – seemingly overnight – wrinkles, then the answer is ‘Yes’. Here are 7 physical signs you need to heed.

1. Wrinkles + Lines

Age is not a sickness, so don’t freak out if you are seeing fine lines and crinkles where smooth, crease-free skin once resided. However, the skin is  the #1 place the signs of ill health can first be seen, so if wrinkles and deep furrows seem to appear almost overnight  it could be linked to your blood pressure or bone health - especially in early menopausal women - experts caution.

2. Swollen Feet

Fluid retention is not only reserved for pregnancy. Symptoms of certain heart diseases can also become apparent in the extremities through swelling. This can occur anywhere,  but, generally speaking, the ankles, feet and even legs often suffer first due to poor circulation from the heart.

3. Split Nails

If your manicurist is not nixing pitted, cracked, dry or ridged nails, you should make an appointment with your GP instead. Even superficial signs like this (that you may be able to live with) should be seen to as discoloured or unshaped fingernails and toenails can be a red flag for psoriatic arthritis or even alopecia.-

4. Bad Breath

Downing the mints on maximum rotation? Look a little deeper for the real cause of sour breath, the health experts urge. Your diet may need to be tweaked as in some cases,  bad breath can be linked to a carb deficiency.  The mint and gums may also help – as will flossing and mouth wash – but if it’s becoming uncomfortable for you (not to mention your loved ones) then check with a GP to ensure you are not suffering from a diabetes-related condition.

5. Hair: More or Less

Gaining hair on the face - or other unusual places - or losing extra hair from your head are both signs that changes are happening within. If you are not pregnant or going through hormonal changes, any changes in the hair (even its thickness) should be taken seriously as it may be something more sinister, like an underactive or overactive thyroid. If you are finding you have more hair – on the face – this can also be an indication of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) which is a results of the ovaries making higher levels of testosterone than normal

6. Dark + Thick Skin Patches

Dark rings around the eyes cannot always be attributed to late nights and vitamin-deficient diets. In some rare cases, darkening and thickening of the skin can be associated with insulin disorders, diabetes, obesity and even more serious diseases. If these symptoms sound all too familiar, ensure you see a health professional immediately to get a diabetes check.

7. Yellowing Eyes

We’ve all felt a little bleary eyed at times, but generally it's something that can be eased with a double Berocca and a good lie down. But if the whites of your eyes are consistently discoloured and a more yellow-tone, then your liver health could be under a cloud. You can tell a lot about someone’s liver function by the looks of their eyes, so see a Doctor for an evaluation and a professional check into how your liver health. 


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