7 Reasons You’re Not Losing Fat

If you’re doing all the right things but still not seeing results, these 7 reasons may have something to do with it. A few minor changes may make all the difference to your efforts.

1. You think your diet is healthy… but it isn’t.
If your diet consists of a whole lot of “healthy products”, guess what? That’s not real food. Even if it’s diet drinks, low-carb noodles, protein bread, low-fat cereal and long-life guacamole, it’s just not the same thing as your body receiving real, nourishing food in its original form. Try to steer clear of eating too many things with labels.

2. Your blood sugar levels are unstable
When your blood sugar levels are chronically elevated, or fluctuating between high and low, the result is imbalanced insulin. Insulin is the storage hormone that shuttles glucose from your blood stream to your cells – either your muscle or fat cells. If you often feel ‘starving’ between meals, crave sugar constantly, or have a diet high in sweets and carbohydrates, you may be in this category, which makes fat loss really tough for you. Make sure you get a checkup first, then try a 2-week challenge to turn your insulin issues around. Remove all refined sugar, sauces/toppings and simple carbs like white bread, pasta, rice, crackers and baked goods from your diet and instead choose to include quality proteins from meat, fish and eggs, plus healthy fats like avocado, chia seeds and organic dairy, as well as plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. No lollies or sweets!

3. You’re burnt out
If you’re stressed at work, going hard at the gym, not getting enough sleep, chugging coffee and generally operating at a million miles an hour, then guess what? These habits may be what are halting your weight loss efforts. When you’re constantly activating your adrenal glands, which are your first line of defence for managing stress, your body will produce hormones like cortisol and insulin. This is ok every now and again, but when it happens chronically you can’t burn fat no matter what exercise or diet program you follow. If this sounds like you, see a holistic doctor for a plan to restore the health of your adrenals and start your own healing by cutting out coffee, sugar and alcohol, making sure you get 7-8 hours sleep each night, taking up meditation, yoga, or walking and eating a diet rich in whole foods.

4. Your gut isn’t happy
A lot of health issues start in your digestive system, so if you’re constantly feeling discomfort in your tummy, it might be worth getting checked. A poorly functioning gut can affect your immune system, create hormonal imbalances and be the catalyst for blood sugar fluctuations, all of which make it harder to lose weight and keep it off. So get yourself off to see a professional for this one, or start with including a quality probiotic supplement and more fibrous vegetables in your diet.

5. You’re low in iron
Your body needs to be able to effectively deliver oxygen to its cells in order to produce energy and operate efficiently. If you’re low in iron, this process is compromised. The science behind this is complex but if you’re concerned, start by getting your doctor to run standard blood work at your next checkup to find out.

6. You’re not really listening to your body
In these days of maximum screen time and minimum down time, it’s easy to eat mindlessly and not pay attention to your body’s cues. Whether it’s snacking in front of the TV, eating to avoid boredom while clearing out your emails at work, picking at sweet snacks during a meeting just because everyone else is, or overdoing your portion sizes because you’re so over-stimulated from a day of go-go-go that you can’t stop-stop-stop, it can be easy to get carried away. Try making a rule for yourself that you will only eat when you’ve stepped away from work to make time specifically for it, and ban yourself from eating food on the couch. It’s a danger zone!

7. You need to find your tribe
Motivation is a hard thing to get and an even harder thing to keep. Finding a group of people that you really feel at home with and can share your fitness journey with is incredibly important. Try your local gyms and group fitness crews and if you’re still not having any luck, head online – try the “Body” program at bufgirl.com to train with me, or try 12wbt.com, 6weekstosexy.com, or getcommandofit.com.au.

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