7 Reasons Why Sleeping Naked is Good for You

We're always told that getting the right amount of sleep is vital to our wellbeing, but what if we told you that sleeping in the buff could produce additional health benefits? It's time to ditch the pyjamas and go nude.

Scientists and relationship psychologists suggest that sleeping in the nude provides major health benefits. Here we uncover seven reasons why.

1. A greater sense of freedom

Let's face it, sleeping naked in bed is probably one of the only times in life we don't feel self-conscious to flash the flesh. Simply being sandwiched between two cool sheets, you're free of that constrictive bra and clothing. And that kind of feel-good state may make you an even happier person.

2. Helps you lose belly fat

According to the Huffington Post, cortisol levels stay low when the body is cooler. Higher cortisol levels can cause an increased state in anxiety, which can lead to cravings for junk food and subsequently lead to weight gain.

With your body cooling down at night, your growth hormones are increased, while your cortisol levels are simultaneously decreased, resulting in "healthy sleep patterns".

3. You'll have a better quality of sleep

The National Sleep Foundation revealed that the cooler your body temperature is, the deeper your sleep will be. While you go into a deeper sleep, your body temperature will also naturally decrease. And with our increasingly hectic work lives, who could say no to a better quality sleep?

4. It's more hygienic

This is enough to make you shed the clothes! Did you know that clothing, when warm, encourages yeast and bacteria to prosper? By simply shedding the clothes, you'll allow them to air out and decrease that nasty bacteria build-up.

5. You'll have a better love life

There's no denying that skin on skin contact will make you feel in the mood for it. The close contact increases hormones like oxytocin, resulting in a higher desire to have sex.

6. Your skin will become clearer

Just like airing your clothing out, by sleeping nude you'll also be allowing your skin to breathe. This is particularly effective in lowering the risk of skin diseases such as athlete's foot which results from wet, restricted skin.

7. You'll immediately feel sexier

Shedding those outer layers will most likely put you in a sexy state of mind. And a more confident you, is always a more beautiful you.

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Posted by Ambrose6Report
Other experts say the exact opposite. Points above are just rot and Lifestyle you really need to educate yourselves instead of peddling this nonsense.

In fact, bed clothes enable a thin layer of air to be held against the skin, such that movement does not disrupt. This helps maintain constant body temperature & hence comfort.

Skin...my skin is fine. Feel sexy...get some sexy PJ's. Sense of freedom...a subjective comment. Cooler body temperature...not a function of PJ's unless room temperature is high. Bacteria...come on...please. More sex...well if you need to be naked already then a problem exists.