6 Tips to get a Bikini Body for Summer

So, the summer silly season is right around the corner. If your body needs an extra kick to get ready for that bikini, or you just want some easy ways to stay on track, follow these tips you can use right now to maximise your fitness, and keep a lean, healthy body over the summer season.

With the warmer months ahead, it's time to get our bikini bodies ready! Exercise is an amazing way to get our bodies into shape, however it's important we complement our program and consume a balance of vitamins and supplements to help digestion, break fat and help muscle tone. Miss Nutrition Rhiannon Harris offers a few simple top tips to get into the best shape for bikini season.

1. Hydration

A hydrated body is a happy, healthy, fat burning body. This alone can and will hold back your progress. If your fat cells are not hydrated, you're making it extremely difficult for your body to actually release fat to be used as fuel. Random headaches, fatigue, irregularity, bloating and even skin health will take a turn for the worst - especially at your training times.

2. Start small

Instead of thinking about your big ultimate goal, break it down into tiny steps and habits. Stop thinking about the 10kg you want to drop, but focus on the 1kg you want to drop this week, and put steps in place to make that happen. Think about your meals, your training, your recovery and how you will nourish yourself.

3. Sprint to success

If you do these right, they're short, hard and rewarding, and will kick your butt! Sprints are fantastic if you don't have much time to train, and can do them safely. They take 10-20 minutes, and do the job of ramping up fat burning for the entire day, and even into the next day. If you aren't training as much, due to the busy season, these are a great way to maximise your time 2-3 days per week.

4. Do something active every single day

Even if it's not a main training day where there is no hard session planned, you can still do something. A walk, a hike, or the beach.

5. When in doubt, go for full body weight training

Just like the sprints, full body high intensity workouts are a great way to maximise your time and your results. Don't be afraid of the weights! Resistance training is the best way to boost your metabolism, get strong and get lean. Doing this 3-4 times per week will put you way ahead of the 'summer sillies'.

6. Vitamins and supplements to keep you on track

If you are like the majority of women who don't eat enough fruits and vegetables, or just find it hard to get the food you need in a day, you may need to add in some high quality supplements.

Get Green - This will ensure you get all the micronutrients you need in the day. Clear skin, healthy hair, good energy, reduced cravings, and fills any deficiencies. Those are some worthwhile effects.

Magnesium - This little mineral is so important, especially if you're quite active. It will improve your sleep, give you better energy in the gym, and allow you to handle your precious carbs better.

Vitamin D - At least 20 minutes per day, where 70% of your skin is exposed. This will top up your Vitamin D levels, and have you feeling amazing. All this helps us stay leaner, boost mood, boost immunity and stay healthy.

Protein - A protein powder is a quick and easy way of making sure you hit your targets for the day. Protein is the 'fat loss macro' and should always be paid attention to. Whey protein in particular has a whole host of benefits.

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