5 Ways to Start Your Day Off on a High Note

Feeling tired? Exhausted? Lacking concentration and motivation?  Follow these top 5 ways to start your day on a high note from our Wellbeing Expert Sam Sargent. 

Are you constantly exhausted and lacking motivation? Do you struggle to bounce out of bed with a spring your step?Whilst energy drinks, coffee, and pharmaceuticals may offer a quick short-term solution and "hit" of energy, they are not doing you, your loved ones or the planet any favors.

If you'd like to get off the roller coaster ride of energy highs and lows, it might be a good idea to start questioning the choices you’re making to see if they really are contributing to your happiness and state of wellbeing.

I used to be a coffee-a-day girl … nothing serious … just the usual morning "pick me up" that us Aussies do so well. Trust me, I’ve tried coffee all over the world, and nothing compares to the baristas in Australia. However, as time ticked by I started to notice that my morning love affair with coffee had somehow slipped away from me. What was once a beautiful romantic rendez-vous, had turned in to a needy and slightly psychotic obsession.

Like an addict desperately seeking my next high, coffee was the first thing I thought of upon waking. Not one to like this dependent and rather worrying feeling, I thought, wow … it’s time I gave this up, so that I can get back to that bouncing out of bed happy and vibrant me, and then enjoy my coffee as a sweet flirtation every once in a while.

Following are my top 5 tips that help me start my day off on a high note. When I put them in to regular practice they never fail to deliver a productive, creative and happy day.

I encourage you to challenge yourself for the next 30-days by making a conscious effort to implement these steps in to your everyday life, and take note of how you feel in 4 weeks' time.

As soon as you wake up, instead of stressing about what happened yesterday, or what might happen today, ask yourself a question, such as  “Who am I today, and what grand and glorious adventures can I create?” Don’t look for the answer. Simply be willing to allow whatever excitement and creativity comes your way. Starting your life, every day, with a fresh clean slate, allows you to let go of who you were yesterday, so that you don’t bring the pains, hurts, regrets or frustrations from yesterday in to today. It may sound silly. I may sound insane. But one thing I do promise is that a question always invites possibilities. Whereas a statement and/or fixed point-of-view does not.

No matter what you have going on, taking a moment to start your day with exercise will undoubtedly help set you up for a more vibrant and motivated day ahead. Whether it’s a 20 minute walk around the block. A run and swim at the beach. A yoga session at the studio or in your living room. A gym workout. A run in the park with the dog. Whatever it is, set the alarm clock 30- 60 minutes earlier and move your body. Our bodies love to move. They are designed to move. Exercise sends a rush of endorphins through the body, improves blood flow to the brain, and reduces stress levels, to name just a few benefits.

Transform your mundane morning shower into an uplifting sensory experience that awakens and stimulates your senses. Add 6 – 8 drops of organic essential oils such as peppermint, lemon and/or rosemary to the corner of your shower floor. Step in take a 5 minute warm shower. Allow the steam to infuse the essential oils within your shower environment. Close your eyes and take a moment to focus on your breathing. Take 3 deep breaths. With every inhale breathe in the natural and organic plant scents. With every exhale breathe out any stress.

We’ve all heard of dry skin brushing, but how many of us actually practice this quick and easy ritual every morning? It is a wonderful body treatment that not only promotes beautiful soft skin, but also helps to stimulate the lymphatic system and strengthen the immune system, thus helping all your body systems perform more efficiently. It’s an invigorating and awakening way to start the day, and truly worth the couple of minutes it takes each morning.

When getting ready in the mirror each morning, take a moment to become aware of your self-talk. Do you judge and criticize your body when getting dressed or facial features when applying makeup? It’s not a very kind thing to do, and neither is it very productive for stepping forward in to a happy and positive day. What if what you see as flaws are considered beautiful attributes by others? And why do we place so much significance about what one person thinks about physical attributes. Everyone is different and that is what makes us all so uniquely beautiful. Please stop judging yourself. Take all that energy and focus on nurturing yourself instead.

So, what can you be and do that will be a nurturing contribution to starting your day off on a high note? It’s all a matter of choice.

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