5 Ways to Pimp Out Your Office Space

Whether you’re looking to vamp up your home office, or you want to make your work cubicle feel a little more like home, here are five ways to make your office space that little bit more amazing.

1. Get a standing desk

While you could spend thousands of dollars throwing out your existing desk for an air lifting sitting/ standing desk, you can now get a smaller, less expensive stand that fits on your desktop and fits your personal computer, so it can be raised and dropped at will.

The benefits of standing on a regular basis throughout the day are many – it can reduce your risk of premature death, and help prevent neck and back pain for starters. In fact, an average adult spends 50 to 70 per cent of his or her time sitting, leading to a range of problems, including rounded shoulders, backache and headache. Sitting for long periods at a computer is linked to neck and shoulder pain due to poor posture and body positioning.

Another recent study also revealed people aged 45 years or older, who sit for 11 or more hours per day, have a 40 per cent higher risk of death in the next three years compared to those who sit for fewer than four hours a day.

2. Theme up

Whether you like straight lines and monochrome black and whites, or you’re into eclectic mixes of florals and colour, choosing a theme and using it on everything from your bin to your chair, notepads, desk organisers and stationary can make your desk and office space look a million bucks rather than a hodge podge furnished with hand-me-downs.

3. Invest in organisation

You could shovel everything into a drawer when comes time to tidy up, OR you could invest some dollars in accessories and furniture designed to your specific needs. Much like keeping a house clean and tidy, everything in your office should have a home, otherwise, you’re just looking at clutter and mess. The best way to do it? Take a look at what you need to keep on your desk and what you need to store in your office (for example, do you have lots of paperwork that would make a small filing cabinet useful?), taking down a list before heading out – this way you can make sure everything matches, and everything has a place in your office.

4. Go green

Plants are a fab addition to your office, and good for your health as well  - being living air purifiers (not to mention they force you to get on your feet and give them a water). There are so many indoor varieties around that you can choose them to suit your preferred look – everything from spiky, to feminine and pretty, to architectural or bright and colourful.

5. Create an ambience

While this suggestion won’t work for every office space – if you have a shared space or corporate office, you should check with the powers that be (or your roomie) first, but smell can be used to lift moods or create inspiration. From room sprays to essential oil burners, choosing scents that help productivity, and freshen a stale space, can make your work station that little bit cosier. Considering you spend a fair bit of time in your office space, it’s worth the small amount of time and planning it takes to whip it into stylish shape!

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