5 Top Playground Games For Parents

It's time to get off the iPhone and get in touch with your inner child next time you're at the park or playground with the family!

These super fun games will not only get your heart racing, but also create life-lessons the kids don't even realise you're teaching them.

1. Stuck in Your Shoes

Life Lesson: Siblings can help each other out in times of need!

The Rules: With 'Stuck In Your Shoes', one person is ‘It’ and tags another. When they are tagged they have to stay stuck in their shoes (so, frozen to the spot.) They can’t move until another friend or sibling crawls through their legs to free them.

Fun + Fitness Factor: High. You get a run and, if the parent is always ‘It’, you are promoting the kids to help each other out!

2What's The Time?

Life Lesson: Promotes counting skills and trust.

The Rules: Traditionally titled ‘What’s the Time Mr. Wolf’, you can mix this up with another endearing term for ‘The Wolf’. So if it’s a cheeky sister, it could be ‘Little Miss Giggles’ or something to that effect to give the game a lighter feel for smaller kids. This is a great game to ensure all members have a turn and that smaller kids don’t have to do too much running.

Fun + Fitness Factor: Medium. This is a great time-killer within a small space, and one the kids can do easily together. 

3Wink. Shrink. Think

Life Lesson: Trust and concentration. (Not to mention learning to master a good wink!)

The Rules: With a circle of people facing inwards – at least five is preferable - everyone closes their eyes and someone who is not playing the round taps a ‘Winker’ and a ‘Thinker’ on the head. When all players open their eyes, the ‘Winker’ has to clandestinely wink at random players who then have to ‘Shrink’ down (even lie down) and the ‘Thinker’ has to solve the mystery of who is winking...

Fun + Fitness Factor: Fun factor is pretty robust as there is some super-sleuthing involved, and all kids like to catch each other out! It's also a sedentary option for those days when you're all feeling a little less robust and willing to run around. 

4. Duck Duck Dance

Life Lesson: Laughing and dancing are a winning combination! And parents making a goose of themselves in front of the kids is always a good thing!

The Rules: A modern take on ‘Duck Duck Goose’ this version sees a group of people sit in a circle facing one another and one player ‘dances’ around the outside of the circle saying ‘Duck’ each time they pat someone’s head. At any time, they can say ‘Dance’ and the person they tap at that time has to dance around the circle whilst trying to catch the person who is ‘It’. This makes for some good giggles and rarely the same person being ‘It’ twice!

Fun + Fitness Factor: This is a real laugh. Especially when the adults have to really get their inner goofy groove on to full effect!

5. Catch and Kiss

Life Lesson: Kisses won't kill you (and are best served with a side of giggles!)

The Rules: If you’re anything like me, you spend a mighty chunk of your energy chasing the kids for a quick kiss, so this game perfectly (and justly)  turns the tables. The kid can be 'It' and the one to do the chasing. When they catch the mum or dad, grandma or grandpa, they give them a kiss. All's fair in love and war, so you can turn the tables too!

Fun + Fitness Factor: High. You are getting a cardiovascular workout with the racing around and lots of good vibes with the end reward!

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