5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Body While You Sleep

Our Wellbeing Expert, Sam Sargent, provides five simple tips to help you wake up looking and feeling better.

When you sleep you’re getting more than just rest. It’s also the time when your body directs its energy to heal and repair itself.

The adrenal glands do a majority of their recharging and recovering while you’re sleeping, as does the regeneration of skin, muscle, blood, and brain cells. So, what better time to pamper your body than just before you go to sleep?

Here are five simple practices to implement today to help you wake up looking and feeling better:

Prepare your bedroom

Is your bedroom too cool? Too hot? Too light? Too noisy? If temperature is a concern consider the number of blankets you have on your bed. If too light, perhaps a silk eye mask might help. If you live in the city with a lot of noise, then invest in a good pair of ear plugs. It might sound over-the-top, but these little additions can make a profound difference to the quality of your sleep, and consequently how you look and feel in the morning. 

Limit all electrical appliances

In our modern world it’s common to place our mobile phones beside our beds - checking emails and social media before we go to sleep and when we rise. Please don’t do this. Keep your bedroom as a sanctuary for sleeping and sex. Furthermore, brain cancer surgeon Dr Charlie Teo, recommends keeping electrical appliances like clock radios at the foot of the bed, as opposed to near our heads. Limiting the amount of electromagnetic radiation can only be a good thing for our wellbeing.

Take advantage of the healing benefits of aromatherapy

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years and can easily be integrated in to daily life via means of an oil burner, adding a couple of drops to warm bath water, or applying to the skin. One way to integrate aromatherapy in to your pre-sleep routine is to add a couple of drops of organic essential oils such as lavender, Roman chamomile or sandalwood to an oil burner in the bedroom an hour before going to bed, so that it infuses the room with a sleep-inducing scent. Just remember to blow out the candle before you get in to bed!

Hydrate from the Inside

An hour before going to sleep drink a glass of water, and upon waking do the same. Adequate hydration can dramatically improve the condition of your skin and enable your body to function at its best.

Hydrate from the Outside

Considering our skin regenerates at night, it’s the perfect opportunity to support this natural process with good quality 100% organic plant oils both on the face and all over the body. For the face choose an oil that suits your skin best, such as rosehip oil, prickly pear seed oil, argan oil, or jojoba oil. For the body, sweet almond oil, hemp seed oil, sunflower oil and jojoba oil are all great options. There are a growing number of fantastic organic and ethical brands available today, so have fun experimenting to find the product combination that suits you best.

Do you have a bedtime ritual? If so, we'd love to hear about it below in the comments section. 

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