5 Reasons to See a Physio Today

This week we celebrate and acknowledge the great work that physiotherapists are doing worldwide, as well as understand the many reasons why you should book in to see a physio today.

World Physio Day acknowledges that physiotherapists can offer much more than pain relief or injury management. 

Our philosophy at Back In Motion is ‘prevention is better than cure’, with our mission being to help our clients achieve optimal lifelong physical health.

Here are my top five reasons for seeing a physio which you previously may not have considered:

1. Abs for Life:
Having a ‘six-pack’ doesn’t always indicate strong core muscles. Core stability is improved by actively exercising the deep, small stabilising muscles beneath the diaphragm, pelvis and lumbar region (lower back).

Correcting your posture should go hand-in-hand with the support that your core muscles provide. Without selective control and suitable strength in the mid-section of your spine and lower back, it is very difficult for the body to carry your weight appropriately and balance it.

A fine-tuned core can be achieved with the assistance of your physio who can help guide you with posture techniques while sitting, walking and standing as well as provide core exercises to promote a strong foundation.

2. Manage your Weight:  
Unfortunately, many injuries can occur due to excess weight. Our body wasn’t designed to carry excess load which can cause long term pain in areas such as the feet, knees, hips and lower back.  A physiotherapist can act as a personal trainer helping you to manage weight loss with safe and effective exercises which won’t strain or stress your muscles and joints.

3. Stretch your Imagination:
Your body has more than 600 muscles and every one of them expands and contracts throughout the day. Persistent use of the same muscle groups can result in overstraining, insufficient rest and habitual shortening of the muscles. On the other hand, the fibres in muscles that are not activated lose their vitality and elasticity.

Stretching after every session of exercise is vital to avoid feeling sore the next day. A physiotherapist can create a program of stretches tailored to your exercise program to help promote smooth recovery and protect your muscles.

4. Learn Pilates:
Clinical Pilates is a variety of carefully modified core exercises guided by a physiotherapist, which can help achieve improved flexibility and muscle control for optimal whole body movement. If your day to day is desk bound, you can improve your flexibility in the upper back and gain better neck muscle control to avoid compressing joints in the upper spine which often lead to headaches if not supported.

5. Find optimal foot health:
Did you know, that when we walk our feet load-bear up to 150 per cent of our body weight?  When you take a step, the foot transfers the motion to the ankle, which shifts it to the knee, which connects it to the hips, then the spine, shoulders, arms and hands. During the course of a day you can walk up to 10,000 steps and without adequate support you may be putting your whole body at risk of pain.

At Back In Motion Health Group, we offer GaitScan™ technology which requires clients to walk across pressure floor mats that are wired with 4,096 sensors that scan a million points of data. This information allows us to trace the forces moving through the foot to identify how it functions in action. Therefore, we can help manipulate any strains to promote improved foot health as well as the potential to reduce any pain stemming from poor foot positioning.

By Jason T Smith, renowned Physiotherapist, founder of the Back In Motion Health Group and Author of ‘Get Yourself Back In Motion’. For more information go to www.backinmotion.com.au or keep in touch with Jason via Facebook  and Twitter

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