5 Minutes with TV Presenter Kylie Gillies

TV Presenter Kylie Gillies leads a busy life - she's the mother of two young boys and also in front of the camera each morning. We chat to Kylie about beauty, health and the value of owning a pet. 

Kylie is not only into her health and fitness, but that of her adorable French Bulldog, Pepe.  
1) How do you stay in shape?
Are you saying I have shape? Ha! That’s nice. I have a very relaxed attitude to exercise. I don’t like to force it! I’ll do it by running around the park with the kids, or taking our dog for a walk. Or never sitting down! That’s the life of a working mum…you don’t get to sit down…Like, ever!  
2) Do you have any beauty secrets to share with our readers? 
I can highly recommend having your own hair and makeup artist! THAT’S a tremendous help. I’m so lucky.  Every weekday my hair gets blowdried and my face primped and preened by our makeup artists on The Morning Show. I don’t take that for granted. My toughest job is to make sure I take-off the makeup every night. Which I do religiously. I wear false eyelashes on the show, which really help.  I get my roots( hair) coloured every 5-6 weeks. Those natural highlights have a habit of peeking through with increasing regularity now!  And when it comes to skincare, I’m thinking I need to start seriously looking into products with more active ingredients. I’m in the process of doing that…but haven’t quite got around to it!
3) How do you find balance between work and motherhood? 
I don’t .  I just do the best I can. We have a Babysitter that comes to our house every morning at 7.15 for two hours to get the boys off to school. I’m out the door at 6.30am and my husband at 7.15..so we HAVE to have that.  That said, I make sure all the food is set and ready to go for lunchboxes etc.  I’m there to pickup the boys from school at 3.15 each day. I make THAT a priority. And then I run them around to the myriad of after school activities. Ie Aussie Rules, hockey,  basketball etc.  Every mother I know is the same..it’s a constant juggling act. I have an AMAZING network of school-mum friends and we rely on each other when the going gets tough. Usually when afternoon activities clash. And sometimes it’s just nice to have a quick coffee or wine together!  

4) Do you have any tips for preparing quick healthy meals for the family? 
Sure. I ALWAYS freeze leftovers.  That bit of Spag Bol sauce that might get otherwise get thrown out comes in handy at 7.45pm after footy training when the boys are ravished!  And shortcuts CAN be healthy and good. Jars can be your friends.  And I make a trip to a great butcher once a week,,and stock up.  If you can reach for some frozen meat at 5.30…I can usually rustle up salad and veges to go with it. And we do TRY and all sit down together to have dinner. It’s a nice time to regroup and talk about the day. We don’t always achieve it…but we try hard!
5) Tell us all about your little French bulldog, Pepe!
He’s divine. He’s so stocky and always has the most enormous smile on his face.  He’s about 16 months old now…so still in that puppy stage…ie just a teensy bit naughty! As he’s still a growing boy we’re very mindful of his nutrition. As a family we aim to lead a healthy  lifestyle…and Pepe is included in that. The Hills Ideal Balance food gives Pepe a diet that is 100 natural, free of artificial colours and preservatives. Sounds like he eats better than I do! I am trying the vegetable smoothie regime at the moment.  Now THAT  is a work in progress. 
6) What is the best thing about having a pet in the family? 
Our love to watch our two sons with him. They are 9 and  11 years old and I think it’s fantastic for boys to have a pet that so that they can express their emotions. They’re always on the floor with him, wrestling cuddling him etc. And Pepe gets us all out of the house.. Down the park, running around. 
7) What is the best parenting advice you’ve ever received? 
When our first son Gus was born, and I felt that I didn’t have a clue what to do…my sister Stacy said “Don’t worry.  You’re  his Mummy…whatever you do, it’ll be the right thing for him” I’ve always remembered that.
And my girlfriend Julie said once about young children..”you’re their voice, if you don’t speak up for them…who else will?” They’ve two things which have always resonated with me.

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