5 Easy Steps to More Passionate Sex

Need to inject a little more spice and spark into your relationship? Follow these top tips from Elle Black of Mimi De Luxe

The most passionate sex occurs between two people who love one another in an insanely deep way. It is difficult to fake that passion because it sweeps over your body naturally when you lock eyes with someone your heart says is worthy of your love. Once you touch lips with that person, the passion ignites instantly, setting your mind free so that you can enjoy the encounter without reservation.

The best way to get that kind of passion back into your sex life, or to experience it for the first time, is to strengthen your relationship with someone who gets your juices flowing naturally. If you don't have time to work through endless relationship exercises, here are five simple things you can do right now to make the sparks fly when you hit the sheets.

1. Take Your Time
Don't rush into a sexual encounter, and don't rush the action once you do initiate an encounter. It is difficult to experience the thrill of passion when you feel rushed to get the job done. Spend more time flirting with your partner, and learn to tease so that they know something is coming well before it actually happens. This builds excitement which can turn into passion, but you want to make your partner work for their reward. You want them salivating at your nipples before you actually take your clothing off.

2. Use All Five Senses
Touch is not the only sense that matters. Pay attention to your body and the surrounding environment to play up all senses for maximum pleasure. Incense or heated oils can work on the sense of smell while dirty talk and erotic moans can add the sense of sound to the encounter. Whipped cream and other treats can bring taste into the bedroom as well.

3. Create New Experiences Together
Have you ever gone on vacation with someone new and experienced a resurgence of passion between the sheets? This happens naturally when two people disengage from the stress of daily life and relax together in a new environment. Make plans to get away from your routine meeting place even if that means one night at a luxury hotel in town before you race right back to work. Just enjoying the new scenery will allow you to connect in new ways.

If you have the time for something more substantial, go away for a weekend. Try to schedule activities that get your adrenaline pumping because those experiences will bring you closer together and arouse your bodies.

4. Make It a Surprise
Indulge in your partner's fantasies and think creatively to add the element of surprise to your encounters. Slip into the shower unexpected while your partner is lathering up before work. Arrange to meet on the back deck once it is too dark for the neighbours to see the action. Wear costumes, paint your body with edible paint, or bring a vibrating friend to the party.

5. Learn about Sex
This is perhaps the best thing you can do right now to get the sparks flying in your love life. Find websites, blogs and books related to sex. Read books that suggest a variety of positions, and then try some of those positions out with your partner tonight. Read sex tips like putting mints in your mouth for oral sex, and then experiment with your partner. The more you know about sex, the more tricks you can play to make sex more exciting with any partner.

Finally, make sure you are enjoying every sexual encounter. If you are bored, assume your partner is as well. What will it take to make sex more enjoyable for you? The answers will lead you toward more passionate sexual encounters in the future.

Elle Black is the founder of women's adult toy shop, Mimi De Luxe. Find out more at www.mimideluxe.com.

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