30 minute work-out

We know it’s hard to get motivated in winter but just 30 minutes of exercise can give you a whole range of health and beauty benefits!

ANTI-CANCER- Because exercise is associated with lower levels of circulating oestrogen and progesterone, and studies suggest that high levels of these hormones are a risk factor for ovarian and breast cancer, your Curves workout could make you less likely to develop these cancers.

DEFENSE AGAINST DIABETES- A good workout not only increases your body’s sensitivity to insulin, but lowers the amount of sugar in your blood- an excellent protection against diabetes.

LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE- Exercise can help lower blood pressure that’s already high by helping you loose that excess weight.

HAPPINESS- Copious studies conducted overseas at Baylor University reveal that women involved in regular exercise report a higher quality of life, have more energy, feel more social, and are happier with their bodies.

MORE ENERGY- Regular exercise enhances your chances of getting better nights sleep, allowing you to naturally wake the day after a work-out feeling more energised.

TENSION AND ANXIETY- The feel good brain chemicals, beta-endorphins and dopamine, that cardio exercise produces help to soothe tension and lesson the effects of anxiety.

THE SUPPORT YOUR KNEES NEED- Through your work-out you’re able to strengthen the muscles around your joints- helping keep them protected from long-term stress and accidental twists and strains.

HEALTHIER HEART- Aerobic exercise strengthens your heart muscle as well as increasing levels of HDL and ‘good’ cholesterol- the active cholesterol that clears, not clogs, your arteries.

MORE MUSCLE- The muscles you’ll build through your work-out require a lot of energy to sustain themselves. The more muscle you have, the more calories they’ll burn!

LESSEN ARTHRITIS PAIN- Physicians now recommend exercise- and strength training, in particular- to help prevent stiffness and joint pain.

A BETTER-BACKED BACK- Your three times a week workout will help you keep the muscles that support your back strong and flexible, making it more resistant to injury.

HEALTHIER SKIN- Dermatologist and author of The Perricone Prescription: Look Younger, Live Longer in Three Easy Steps, Nicholas Perricone MD, argues that athletic people’s skin harbours more collagen- the protein that keeps skin looking young and healthy.

For more information from Curves female fitness centres, call 1-300 Curves or visit, www.curves.com.au

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