Astrology forecast: What 2019 has in store for you

Find out what to look forward to, and what to look out for, this year.

See what this year holds for you, according to your star sign. 


2019 brings excitement your way, Aries! Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion, galvanizes the house of publishing in your chart, which will allow you to put your dreams into print. Perhaps a memoir of your explorations and travels will hit the bookstores this year? Or, others will flock to your online blog to read your recipes and tips on baking. Jupiter enters the career sector of your chart December 2nd, which will bring professional success your way, even granting you fame for your book.

The eclipses of 2019 (January 5th, January 21st, July 2nd, July 16th, and December 26th) serve to bring a work/life balance to you. Learning when to say no to projects will be essential, as you need to focus on your home life more. Personal relationships may be a priority to you, as you are drawn towards forging close connections with others, rather than the limelight.

Money comes your way on March 6th, through an unexpected endeavour. You have put the hard work in, now it’s time for you to get a payback on your efforts. 2019 will boost your bank account, as well as your confidence. Throughout the year, you will receive more money than ever, through your unique ideas. By the end of 2019, on December 15th, you can expect a big raise from work, sealing your career and financial stability.

Love may confusing on January 13th, June 16th, and September 21st, as your over-optimism to give everything to your partner may lead to disappointments. Try not to set the bar too high, as you need to find a balance between your desires and reality. Expressing yourself may be hard, but important to move your relationship forward. The spring brings romance your way, as you are given the chance to work on relationships on March 20th and April 19th. April 20th heightens your desire for romance and love, allowing you to enter the summer on a high romantic note. December 2nd brings promise of a deeper commitment, starting off 2020 on a high note.


2018 was a rocky year for you, sweet Bull. With the eclipses and Venus retrograde causing havoc on your chart, you have suffered ego hits and relationship pitfalls. 2019 is a little lighter than the past year, offering out solace and peace.

The eclipses of 2019 serve to enlighten you, bringing truth and insight your way. Expect to take many short-term trips with your crew, particularly to spiritual retreats where you are able to find your higher self and calling. January 5th, January 21st, July 2nd, July 16th, and December 26th align you with your spiritual core, even serve to broaden your mind. Releasing past visions and ideals is essential during these dates, as you will embody a whole new philosophical scope.

Intimacy in relationships deepens all year, as Jupiter brings scintillating sex-capades your way. Experimenting with your partner is on the forefront of your mind, as you are both open to adding a new repertoire to your bedroom routine. If you are single, expect friendships to deepen, as well your lust for fun. Romance will come your way by March 6th, forming a lasting union that will deepen throughout the year, especially December 15th.

Also, expect to feel a punch of financial luck this year, when Jupiter brings financial success your way, through help from friends on January 13th, June 16th, and September 21st. Your friends will serve to alleviate financial stressors that will help you move forward.

March 6th brings flashes of inspiration your way, as innovative Uranus links up with your Sun. Your ideals are now awakened, as well as your thirst for fresh insights and takes on love. It may a time when you want to rebel against the norm and shake up your daily routine, which may cause inner turmoil, as you are a lover of routine. Implementing one new change at a time will help motivate your sluggish moves.

The summer brings transformation your way, as you embrace a new vision of home on August 15th. At this point, you will re-decorate or even move into the ideal dwelling of your choice, where you can lavish your pad with luxurious items to satisfy your Venusian palate. You will have the urge to host several parties at your home, making you the host with the most in 2019.


Love will come easy to you in 2019, Gemini. You start off the year with Jupiter roaming through your house of partnerships, bringing love and adventure your way this year. You will find inspiration from your partner, elevating you to be a better person and live on a higher vibration. A long distance love affair can take flight this year, leading to a deep commitment by December 2nd, when Jupiter strolls through the intimacy part of your chart, merging your mind, spirit, and body with your beau. The only caveat, is to watch out for jealousy within your relationship. While things may seem serendipitous most of the year, your partner may assert their power on January 5th and July 16th, causing you more tears than kisses. However, with Jupiter bringing luck by way of romance throughout the year, all will be forgiven shortly.

Your professional goals may be confusing this year, as you are stuck contemplating if the career you chose is the right one for you. January 13th, June 16th, and September 21st bring these internal struggles out to play, making you second guess your chosen career path. You may find yourself more drawn than ever to charitable work, or, try to incorporate humanitarian efforts into your vocation. Starting a clothes and canned food drive at work is a great place to start, it will lead you down the path of more humanitarian efforts this year, particularly on January 5th, July 16th, and December 26th, when you want to give others financial help - even if it causes you to feel a financial pinch.

The eclipses of 2019 primarily trigger your relationship with money. January 5th, July 16th, and December 26th are good days to repay debt, even consolidating debt is ideal. You may even wish to bring in an advisor to help expedite and fix lingering credit issues, bringing you financial freedom December 2nd and December 15th. July 2nd brings a raise your way, even if you want to distribute your funds amongst the masses, it will add esteem to your personal life and notoriety amongst your colleagues. 


This year is an emotional roller coaster for you, dear crab, particularly in relationships. The eclipses of 2019 bring ups and downs, filled with laughter and tears. The purpose is to teach you how much you are worth and for you to gain insight in how you choose to partner.

The solar eclipse January 5th brings a new promise within partnerships your way. Followed by the solar eclipse July 2nd, that aims to magnify your heart. The lunar eclipse offers a chance for you to mend problems that exist within relationships, also exposing situations not working for you. Don’t despair, Saturn and Pluto are purging undesirable people out of your life, even changing the way you approach commitment, which will serve to elevate you in the future. December 2nd brings the “right” kind of love your way, as Jupiter starts it’s year long journey through your house of partnerships, bringing a higher love to you in 2019.

While you often identify as being super thrifty, just because you are a big believer in saving pennies for a rainy day, you are bestowed monetary freedom under the lunar eclipse January 21st, which will allow you to spend as you wish. Celebrate your big payback on an investment on the 21st by treating yourself. The summer brings an ending to financial drain, particularly February 4th and March 1st. August 1st offers you the chance to start anew, while the Full Moon August 15th, coincides with the development of your personal financial portfolio that you started in 2015. This is the second part of the financial dream you started in 2015.

Networking will take your career to new heights, especially March 6th, when you meet influencers who help take your product, game and career to new levels. While you may not be tech savvy, March 6th starts off a new seven year cycle that will elevate you to be the face of the Internet, even possibly becoming a social media influencer.


Welcome to a New Year, complete with expansion and self-exploration for you Dear Lion. In general you are on a path of forgiveness which is a re-occurring theme throughout 2019. Your journey could include a lot of traveling, either with a close loved one or even on your own. There are a lot of personal shifts indeed, and those qualities you might haven’t had the time reflect upon from 2016-2018 eclipse cycles that hit you directly, and were being continuously throwing feats of strength at you.

So now, your challenge is to see how time is actually slowing down for you. You will be able to go inward through spiritual activities that pique your interest such as, meditation, prayer, sacred dance, music and anything artsy. The eclipse cycles are (January 5th, January 21st, July 2nd, July 16th, and December 26th) now out of settling your energy, although you’ll have one more big Leo eclipse on January 21st this year. Allow this to be a time for you to sparkle and dazzle the world. Be seen for what you do best, let everyone hear you roar.

Your finances are abundant and, unless you’ve made a bad investment in the past, should be able to carry you forward nicely. You might even see yourself owning a house or settling on expanding real-estate investments in the cycles ahead. You might be feeling yourself, and seeing your power connections pay off.

February 25th is the perfect day to have a conversation with a career prospect. You might even see a business endeavour grow around this date. March 6th is an important marker for your financial fates as well. Remember, what you plan for will come up again and serve you well over time. It is about the long term now, and making sure you are creating a healthy financial future for yourself and your loved ones. You do serve as an authority for yourself and certain family members this year. July 2nd might bring you the rights or deeds to another loved one’s estate. You will be loving, careful, and grateful for the responsibility. This is also a piece of your karma, but in your realm of life, this is the positive end of the wheel.

Your love life is a bit of a push-and-pull. Love starts out hot in the beginning of the year, but could easily lose its shine when there is a bit of tension around February 15th, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Mars squares off to your Solar Fires, and might bring on those arguments. Don’t worry though, there are so many surprises in store for you that you’ll be super optimistic and resolve any conflicts pretty quickly. If you want new love to enter your life, single Leo, watch out. Some major heart healing takes place for you throughout the month of July. This is a cycle that really holds strong all the way through December. It might not be a factor of what you thought you originally wanted, but you definitely get what you need, which is a major contribution to your overall destiny throughout 2019.


What a year you have Darling Virgo! You can count on reframing your mindset in the year of 2019, and seeing how your manifestation powers are truly magnetic. You have to really believe in yourself and see yourself in the position of success before anything else.

The lunar and solar eclipses (January 5th, January 21st, July 2nd, July 16th, and December 26th) are quite strong in your chart, and bring forth your ability to connect to your community-at-large. In fact, you may become the go-to for problem solving which, can be quite helpful within the career development area of your own life.

If you are pursuing higher education, Jupiter may help connect you to a world and life that can seem a little out of your element, but you are willing to learn the new lessons. This is especially effective for those who are seeking University scholarships or any type of financial aid surrounding travel, talent development, and even in the sector of mass media and film.
Your heart is a giving space, and might actually take hold when you look at your financial savings plans. Be careful not to let your need to help others get in the way of saving the money you need to save. You are a generous soul, and in order to keep others from taking advantage of you, there are careful ways you can take account of your own life. Learning new software programs in regards to financial updates and investment accounts including any apps or computer programming to enable more efficient organisation will really serve you well throughout the months of February and March. In fact, your careful calculations might be on point as the year goes forward. Pay very careful attention to world markets starting on or around March 6th, and moved funds wisely. You might seek a financial consultant, but the key here is to also trust your gut.

Love and romantic connections are willing to move forward if you are. Are you giving someone mixed signals? Are you ghosting a little more than usual? The question is, are you ready to really put yourself out there! If you are in a relationship you might really have to work on expressing yourself fully, and plan on some changes to your family. If you are thinking of expanding your family, this is especially possible and could serve as an unexpected surprise in early March.

You are particularly vibrant around August 24th this year as your solar energy is nicely aligned with your home planet of Mercury and the love goddess herself, Miss Venus. Here you’ll have some really sweet and wholehearted connections which might play majorly into your future. Get your flirt on Virgo. You will round the year up with plenty of intensity in the realm of home and family, but this proves your strength to both yourself and people who might have doubted you in the past. Enjoy this year and see how awesome you truly are.


Relationships brought on interesting and often frequent interruptions for you in 2018, Dear Libra. As Uranus, the planet of disruption, opposed your sign for much last year. You are opening up spiritually in 2019 with many elements of surprise in the realm of friendships, love, and the all things unfamiliar. This New Year is holding you to higher standards when it comes to how you spend your time, and who you choose to spend it with. Remember to recalibrate your personal scales with some much needed relaxation and even learning some new skills that will be having you truly stand out amongst your peers. You might even consider reconnecting to some hobbies that were once put on the back burner.

The eclipses of 2019 (January 5th, January 21st, July 2nd, July 16th, and December 26th) are going to be quite pivotal in all aspects of your life, but your family takes priority in the beginning of January 2019 and might settle or bring out some intense characteristics amongst your relatives. Be careful not to get too into your head, or even allow anyone to place too much pressure on your shoulders here. You’ve got a lot working for you, and you might even consider taking a long journey with some loved ones.

You are expanding your travel pallet throughout this year, especially when Venus, your home planet, enters Sagittarius on January 7th. You have incredible travel aspects throughout the year, and you might even have a super passionate love affair as Jupiter connects harmoniously to Venus on February 2nd and 3rd. The health of a loved one and focus on your personal connection to your home will serve quite important for you during the July eclipse cycle. This will be fortunate for you if you pay attention to your personal needs, and try to stay clear from any drama in your friendship circles.

Financial growth is entirely possible in 2019. You might have had a few set-backs or major purchases that had you scrambling over the last few years. Inheritance and long-term investments make hopeful returns for you in the New Year. Tax season this year will be quite abundant, and requires careful attention to detail in early March, efforts made here will payoff as you may have physical paperwork in your hands around March 31st. Large settlements and even contracts surrounding home purchases, appreciated funds, and joint accounts will hold strong throughout the entire month of April. Financial actions taken prior to June 1st will be most beneficial for you, and will benefit you by September 18th just before your birthday season.

Your love life benefits this year as well; but, be careful. Any affairs you had in the past are likely to make some intense shifts this year, and require you to commit. If you are unhappily committed this might serve as a headache for you for the first six months of the year. Prepare yourself for a lot of power shifts in this realm of your life. You will find yourself feeling your passionate self in the later part of the year.

You are coming into your own on March 2nd, the entire month of April, September 14th, and October 5th. Your sex life is on fire here, and will definitely be some extremely romantic times. You might even consider moving in with your significant other this year, ending the year with some intense and deeply emotional and spiritual growth.


You were the popular kid last year, and it’s all because Venus, the planet of love, was in your sign for a huge portion of it. Now, you enter 2019, still in this position, only reworking, realigning and reconnecting with what you want when it comes to your self-worth, self-esteem and soul mates. It’s a year still bringing on that sex, steam, and spice with a little bit of responsibility this time. Last year, you let it all hang out, behind closed doors.

The eclipse cycles of 2019 (January 5th, January 21st, July 2nd, July 16th, and December 26th) are totally rocking your world here. They are very much a karmic repayment for the great things you’ve done for friends, family, and those you deeply care for. Passion is the word of your year, for sure. You might even find that you have some important health priorities that you need to take care of first. If you’ve been the type of person to give over your power to others, not anymore. Not with these lunar transits on your side. Great change is on the way, and is for the better. You might find yourself out in the public a bit more than you are usually comfortable with, but it is because you have an important message to share with others. You are a great healer, teacher, and lover all in on.

Finances are truly on the upswing for your sign here. There is a huge theme of receiving what was given out in the last two years for your sign, this year. You really did go through an underworld transition, and now you may find that things lift for you. A giant lesson shifts for you on January 7th around your personal priorities with money decisions.

You are wiser and take your time this year, especially around February 2nd, when you can really save up and invest in yourself. March 6th is an extremely important day for you to mark on your calendar, as Uranus, the planet of change enters Taurus and reflects a pivotal transition in your bank account. You might even find that your career takes a new path, or you have an intensely rewarding growth cycle here. You might even fuse elements of your personal life into your day job.

Do not be afraid to advertise yourself in a new and different way, this will be quite beneficial when it comes to financial rewards and will come into fruition around October 12th if you embrace this unique change. Any resistance to the new and weird here will serve as a lesson you will have to work with and could work against you if you fight self-expression and visibility.

You are straight up hot this year. As if you never were. You have so many love prospects and temptations coming out of the woodworks, and this has been going on since September of 2018. Weigh your options wisely and take your time. Commitments made this year are very important, and show you the true universal connections we all have. That means this might be a pivotal year for meeting a really special soulmate. Love lost in mid-to-late January 2019 will be revised, reformed, and understood as the year goes forward. You might even find yourself dating zodiac signs you might not normally date.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Mars opposes your sign in Taurus and might spice up your love life. You might actually meet someone out-of-the-blue around May 6th. May through July, be ready, because it’s all about fate, you just have to show up and be your adorable self. The year pushes you forward with a lots of growth, and sexy times. You might receive some important news about a past lover when Mercury is retrograde in your sign from November 1-21st. Your fires are still burning from Mid-November into 2020 as you both leave and enter a new year with Mars, your home planet pumping fuel to your passionate heart.


2019 is such a lucky time for you Sagittarius. Your home planet Jupiter has been in your sign since November 8th of 2018, and is really expanding all the possibilities in your life. You’ll have some incredible fortune and success during this year. In fact, things that were delayed for many years are most likely going to work out for you quite positively.

You have an innate gift of being at the right place at the right time, and 2019 is no exception. Your game plan ahead is to say yes. Attend the events, take on the extra work and let yourself be the lovely social butterfly you were made to be. The year opens up with a stellar connection to self-expression and having your desires met. January 7th holds super strong for you in all matters of love, finances, and creativity. Your wealth aspects look amazing all the way until April 11th when Jupiter goes into retrograde, and during this time you will need some readjustments and revisiting of these gifts you’ve been brought in the beginning of the year.

The solar and lunar eclipse cycles (January 5th, January 21st, July 2nd, July 16th, and December 26th) will require you to be a great friend. You might have a lot of people contacting you during these events asking for your advice and in need of help. The January 21st lunar eclipse in the sign of Leo holds as a gateway for your fiery self to really align with your goals, and kick out what no longer benefits your creativity. You might even find yourself on several adventures, and possibly with a joyous tribe around you. There’s a lot of sharing involved here, and the old phrase, “sharing is caring”, does really best explain what these moon cycles have in store for you. Your community becomes your family.

Your financial aspects in 2019 are expansive and strong. You have a full turnaround in multiple factors of your career development and even when it comes to your earning potential. This is particularly major as you need to refocus and connect to a life where your spiritual and material needs are simultaneously met. There might be moments of tension especially on or around January 13th, June 15th, as well as September 20th and 21st when there is a bit of a disagreement between Neptune, the planet of dreams in Pisces and Jupiter in your sign.

Your love life is booming this year, and you might have attracted a true love partner. Someone to travel with and talk about all of the inappropriate things on both of your minds. There’s a lot of laughter and active conversations when it comes to lovers. You might actually have to choose between several options especially around the beginning of the year and leading you to August 11th, when you just might have a very pivotal and heartwarming event in your own life.

The year ends just as nicely as it began with an added bonus from Venus, the planet of love. She ends 2019 in your sign, just as the year also began. You will be noticed, and even sought after. You standout for sure, and your sexuality is oozing with passion. This is a great year to put the past behind you, embrace your greatness, and lift up others as well.


This is a pivotal year for you, Dearest Goat. You open up 2019 strong with a solar eclipse in your sign on January 5th. It’s going to be a very challenging and rewarding year for you for sure. There will be a great deal of tests in regards to the balance of your home and career decisions. You might be re-evaluating how your work and life balance has actually been non-existent for many years.

There is a chance for you to make some truly enterprising decisions that could even having you work from home or starting a business that dream job you’ve always wanted. You have a lot on your plate from January through July. The eclipse schedule for this year (January 5th, January 21st, July 2nd, July 16th, and December 26th) really serves as a cycle of values. In the beginning of the year you’ll see patterns in your own thinking that once held you back. You are able to rise above the challenge and deep the deep benefits of success.

Your money and financial life are going to be rocking. If the last decade of your life has felt unbalanced, there is a major chance to undo and re-create a healthier connection to prosperity well into the next year. Saturn, the planet of structure has been in your sign since 2017, and is allowing a steadier return of assets in your bank account. On January 23rd Saturn gets a boost of loving inspiration from the planet Neptune, aligning you with a dream you’ve had that you never were quite able to obtain. This hope that has sat in your heart can now be a reality, as you may ambitiously ask the Universe for these gifts. You might feel a little over-exposed, and maybe even need to make a final decision around March 6th as Uranus, the planet of change rolls around in the Earthly sign of Taurus.

Your love life is out-of-this-world. You are a sign of pleasure, and you will have that on the table if you so choose. Be careful not to allow cycles of self-sabotage to get in your way. Especially due to the added bonus that the eclipses are really unlocking your energy fields for the much of the year. You might meet someone unexpectedly or through a fated connection at any point during the January 5th solar eclipse. This connection is quite strong, and is meant to change your life.

There is an unspoken and subtle understanding that you have with a particular flame that is truly one of the greatest romances of your life. Be open to the possibilities, and let your heart be your guide. This can feel a little out-of-your-norm, but is going to be so intensely satisfying and quite frankly the medicine you’ve been needing. Let love heal you, don’t be a stubborn goat. There are intense times ahead, but this year will prove how capable you really are.


You might feel a bit pensive throughout the year, Aquarius. 2019 is going to be a bit more restrictive for your personal style. January starts out with a bang, and keeps on moving quickly. January 2nd brings a nice flash of energy that might lead to personal burnout if you’re not careful. You get a little extra oomph power at the end of the month when the lunar eclipse makes an appearance in your opposite sign of Leo. The solar and lunar eclipse (January 5th, January 21st, July 2nd, July 16th, and December 26th) are essentially trying to get you to settle down and maybe even feel more grounded in this year of 2019, which might not be what your sign is used to.

If you’ve experienced a great deal of upheaval and excitement in the cycles of 2015-2018, now is the time to slow down. March 6th is a very important date for you, Uranus, your home planet moves into Taurus, which is in many ways a sign you would rather not deal with. However, this is a great lesson for you.

Structure and values surrounding long-term projects, financial outlook, and even a steadier home life will bring great value to your entire year. A super important date for all realms of your life will be on October 1st, as your home planet will move into the retrograde position, requiring you to tear down some old beliefs, and redirect your energy towards your physical health.

Your money life looks interesting to say the least. Years of rash spending decisions might come to an end during this time. You have a chance to repair what had once seemed to unravel or required you to do some last minute spending since 2012. Debt cycles will transform for the better if you do your homework. That is if you give yourself a chance to sit down and quiet your racing thoughts.

There is a financial breakthrough on or around March 2nd of this year, as Venus makes her way into your sign and brings abundant lessons, however, be mature about this. Your need for freedom might cause some havoc if you’re not careful, especially as the month of March presses forward. You move through your year with some ups and downs, but overall there are great wins, and strong communication will set you apart in any long-term creative financial decisions.

Your love life will be a tough subject this year. One side of the coin, you want a partner who serves you well and represents steadiness and reliability, and on the other side, you want that independence that you were built for. It doesn’t mean you cannot have both, it is just time to let the Universe do the work for you. This means being open to a new partner or way of life. It might mean dating people you normally wouldn’t bat an eye at in the first place.

The eclipses of January are a transitional time, and the 21st of the month has a very valuable life lesson. You might even experience a change in romantic partners or a situation where you find yourself falling in love with a friend. When it comes to romance, you might have that important someone testing you in the month of July. There’s definitely some fun sexual tension happening for you.


Dearest Pisces, this year brings on solid possibilities and responsibilities that are quite tangible for you. The connections that you make have an importance and brilliance to in your own ability to trust and lead a life that is more suited to your emotional and spiritual needs.

You have Neptune, your home planet traveling in a harmonious position with Saturn in Capricorn throughout most of the year. This provides the grounding that your sign might not always have, and brings you into alignment in much of the financial and within artistic talents you may have once buried deep within. Your dreams and mind expand, even with a tad bit of tension between your need to be free and your need for safety. Embrace both - that’s where your best work comes from.

August 1st will bring a cycle of change as Neptune goes into the retrograde position. This is a time for you to allow the fates to dissolve your entire ego, and lift yourself into the highest realms of destiny. Yes, you might forget an appointment or two, but you might paint that mural you’ve always wanted to paint, or write that novel that’s been in the back of your mind.

The eclipse cycles (January 5th, January 21st, July 2nd, July 16th, and December 26th) of this 2019 season are super helpful for you. January’s cycles starting on the 5th hold strong and steady in your life. You might even find promotions in the career sector.

Finances increase in both earnings, but serve with some challenges keeping it in the second half of the year. Your educational opportunities are increasing as well and you may have to live life in a bit of a balancing act. Work and play are intermingling, so it might be a lot easier for you to actually enjoy your work and execute your true craft as well.

There is a bit of emotional duality when it comes to authority that you might get a taste of around June 30th. Uranus will also bring you opportunities in early March that is simply aligned with your goals. Sudden windfalls after many years of struggle and heartbreak will dial you into a new approach with personalised time management.

Your romantic life interesting to say the least. You have great people around you, and possibly too many to count. Be careful not to break too many hearts this year, but recognise how absolutely delicious you are on the daily. For you, love is all about who you are with at the time you are with them.

You might go on a lot of friend dates this year, and feel a bit more social than maybe you normally felt in the past. Your sense of style is off-the-charts and makes waves throughout 2019. You’re especially rocking hot in July, when the eclipses emphasise your true roots. You might bring in a lover around this time, or be connected to someone in a tasty and tempting manner. Be careful to be open about your feelings, as there might be a lot of passion between you that is just too hard to resist.

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