10 Weird Homespun Health Remedies

When you are faced with a health related issue, it's a trip to the doctor followed by the pharmacy, right? Well, some are prepared to put their health into their own hands with weird and wacky homespun remedies. Take a look for yourself!

In the age of the Internet, more and more people are looking up alternatives to conventional treatments and doctors are hearing ever more extraordinary ‘miracle’ home remedies from their patients. But could any of these homespun cures genuinely be working?

In the UK series 'Health Freaks' on LifeStyle YOU, GPs Dr Pixie McKenna, Dr Ellie Cannon and Dr Ayan Panja are on the lookout for simple, safe and scientifically convincing health solutions that could save plenty of money each year. If any of the applicants are able to convince this panel of GPs there might be something in their remedy, they'll put it to the test in a scientific trial. Check out 10 of the weirdest remedies below!

1. WD-40 for arthritis and chest pain

Friends Andy and Simon are championing a remedy that's become increasingly popular in the building trade. Andy claims that rubbing the go-to product for preventing corrosion and displacing moisture, onto his knees relieves any pain within a few minutes. Simon, a smoker, suffers from chest pain and claims WD-40 helps to relieve the tightness.

2. Drinking urine for asthma

For Florian, drinking urine first thing every morning seems to cure his asthma. "Every morning I drink my own urine, it's like the best multi-vitamin drink you can get. I save a second glass to apply on my skin and hair. Urine is a natural moisturiser as you can tell. My eyes have got brighter."

3. Coconut oil for bleeding gums

For Alan Levi, 43, it seems conventional mouthwashes fail to do the job for treating his bleeding gums. Turning to coconut oil, Alan claims that just over a week, his gums had become healthy again. "My daily regime consists of taking a tablespoon of coconut oil, placing it in my mouth, swishing it around, pulling and sucking it in between my teeth. It's very straightforward. Basically all you need is a jar of coconut oil, take about a tablespoon, discard and then rinse your mouth out."

4. Oat baths for psoriasis

Thirty-year-old Laura believes she's found a remedy to treat her psoriasis, a condition that makes your skin red, itchy and extremely dry. "What I do is I get a mug of oats, put them into a pair of tights, and then let the water filter through until all the nutrients from the oats have gone into the water of the bath. My skin feels relieved, less itchy and really healthy."

5. Eating bark for Crohn's disease

For Marlene Barns, 72, she's suffered for nearly 50 years from Crohn's disease and tried every medication under the sun, with none of them making any impact. Having always been interested in nature, Marlene found out about tree barks. She would scoop out the bark extract from behind the bark and take it with a glass of water. 

6. Wet bread for boils

Welshman Mark Oriel believes his traditional remedy of wet bread for boils, is as good as any medicine. "Cut out a nice square of bread, just enough to cover your boil. Then with a bowl of hot water, dip the bread into the water, leaving to soak for a second. Squeeze out the excess water, cut cling film to length, and wrap the bread onto the skin quite snug. After about two nights the abscess will have drawn out, with the healing process already starting."

7. Sex for migraines

Lee Griffiths, 24, has been suffering from intense migraines since he was 10. At first he didn't know what they were, but when he experienced one at age 18 and had sex straight after the onset, his migraine went away completely.

8. Breast milk for skin rashes and stretch marks

Alison and her diabetic husband Ash both use breast milk to treat skin rashes and stretch marks. Ash uses the breast milk to treat his dry skin on his feet every night, and even drinks it to keep the flu away.

9. Head stand for baldness

Male pattern baldness affects six and a half million men in the UK, so stand up comedian Bentley Browning, considers it no laughing matter. "I came across this hair loss remedy book. The last page said to do a head stand for thirty seconds every day. So I thought well I’ve tried everything else, I’ll give it a go. Within a few months the hair was thicker, stronger and fuller."

10. Toothpaste for insect bites

On her honeymoon, Canadian born Mimi Benge found a basic cure for the pain of insect bites in toothpaste. "My husband and I are big golfers so we found ourselves on a seven-day golfing honeymoon and no word of a lie, by the second hole I thought what kind of hell is this! If you can imagine southern Alberta, black fly season, its hot, its sticky and you are being attacked by black flies. It was excruciatingly painful. I was willing to try anything. Two gents who had been on the course as well recommended toothpaste. I applied it and found instant relief."

Intrigued to see whether these cures could work? Don’t miss ‘Health Freaks’ every Thursday at 8.30pm starting January 8th, only on LifeStyle YOU. This series is part of Grew, Sew, Make, Bake month! Across all four LifeStyle Channels, we're going back to basics and finding the joy in all things hand-made and homespun.

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