10 Ways to Make Money on Your Lunchbreak

Do you get a full hour’s lunch break everyday? If so, give your Facebook feed a rest and utilise the time and rustle up some extra cash instead.

Now granted, this isn’t possible in every situation. Management may raise some eyebrows, especially if you’re usually as quiet as a mouse!

However if your boss and workmates don’t mind then there’s nothing stopping you. If that’s a no-go, then as long as you’ve got a laptop or phone, there’s still work you could take on whilst sitting at a coffee shop.

Check out the ideas below for inspiration.

  • Earn money through apps

So if you’ve got a smartphone there’s dozens of apps you can tap into which offer a small fee for a few minutes of your time. On Swagbucks you get paid for playing games, watching short videos, searching the web and giving opinions. For every 100 Swagbucks earnt you get around $1.30. Slicethepie will also pay up to 20 cents per review on music tracks, clothing and lots more. Meanwhile Amazon’s Mechanical Turk pays 5 cents when you read a sentence and answer a question on it. Not all apps will be compatible for your phone or Australian users, so check first.

  • Make fresh lunches for your colleagues

If you like to cook why not take over the office kitchen and make your colleagues lunch? You could bring a few things prepared at home and whip up a delicious Caesar or Thai Beef Salad, or fantastic sandwiches. Or bring in a few homemade dessert treats like brownies or choc chip biscuits. People often pay $10 or more for lunch, and sometimes can’t be bothered fetching it – especially if the weather’s not flash. Test the waters by offering lunches once a week on a busy day, and crank it up if it’s popular.

  • Be an errand runner

Offer to run around doing errands for all the stress heads in the office who are pushed for time. Pick up their drycleaning, post letters or do their grocery shopping. You’ll also be getting a good dose of exercise. Airtasker feature heaps of tasks ranging from errand running and delivering though to cleaning, handyman work or more complex stuff like web development.

  • Offer cut-price driving lessons

Driving lessons can be exxy and are usually more than $50 an hour. If you drive to work and know someone who wants to learn, you could offer basic half-price driving lessons. But make sure they take some expert lessons beforehand and check with your insurer that you’re covered in case they have a bingle whilst driving your car!

  • Negotiate with providers

Lunchtime is the perfect chance to get a better deal on bills. Recent research from debt solutions provider Fox Symes reveals that 60 per cent of all Aussies are particularly worried about the rising costs of electricity and gas bills, and 49 per cent are unhappy about rising health insurance premiums. If being on the phone for half an hour gets you a monthly discount of $10 a month on a bill, it still adds up. You’ve literally earnt an extra $120 for the year in one lunch break. Or else you could find a cheaper provider and switch.

  • Sign up as a mystery shopper

Mystery shopping is fun if you like to hit the stores – particularly if you work near a retail hub. You’ll be required to visit a business to evaluate customer service, products, presentation and other details before doing a report. Check out organisations such as Retail Mystery Shopping Australia. Shoppers choose the amount of assignments they can fit in with no minimum monthly number of visits.

  • Become a freelancer

So it’s probably not a good idea to do freelance work at your desk with your boss hovering nearby, however if you’ve got a laptop, why not fire it up at a café or in park? Upwork has a wide range of work – whether it’s in writing, virtual assisting, marketing or software developing. Whilst some of the pay rates can be low, you can always pick and choose your clients, or try to negotiate your rate up.

  • Do online surveys

Doing online surveys on behalf of market research companies is a painless way to earn extra dollars. Some companies such as Pureprofile pay money directly to you. Each survey usually earns you up to a few dollars. Others such as Valued Opinions will keep a tab on how many surveys you do and then pays in $20 shopping vouchers for major outlets such as Woolworths, Coles, Bunnings, iTunes and Hoyts.

  • Sell, sell, sell

Have a good clear out, take a bunch of pics and upload your unwanted stuff onto eBay and Gumtree. If you have loads of books, Bookmonkey is a good site which just sells secondhand books. With small items visit the post office with them first and ask how much each item costs to post. This will give you a base price on your goods. As long as the profit is a couple of bucks, then it’s still better than nothing, right?

  • Take dogs for walks

Exercising the poor old dog is often something worn-out workers put off, so you may as well help them out. If you work near residential streets, you could letter drop houses offering your services. Or you could ask around the office to see who has a dog. If someone’s keen to bring their pooch in, offer to be their walker. Just make sure your workmates don’t mind having a mutt around!

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