10 Parenting Tips From Real Mums & Dads

With NAN 3 Toddler Milk Drinks real mums and dads, with real kids, who live in the real world, sent in their top parenting tips. Here is a selection of some of the practical ways you can save time and money while keeping your sanity intact!

1. Meal time: “I was having extreme difficulty trying to get my four year old to eat family meals. Some nights I found myself preparing three different dinners most of which my four year old would knock back. One night I got my four year old to help me prepare the dinner and to my amazement she ate the one and only prepared family meal for that night with no trouble.”

2. Dummies: “When it was time to give up the dummy, I got a pair of scissors and cut off the ends to the dummies. So when my daughter tried to put her dummy in her mouth, she had nothing to hang onto, she soon got sick of this and gave up.”

3. Car trips: “My grandchildren have no time asking “are we there yet”?” especially on long drives. We play story telling where one of us starts a story and each of us takes turns to continue it. Apart from lasting a very long time, it gets quite hilarious. No matter what age, we all thoroughly enjoy the journey!”

4. Sleep time: “I have found that when the kids can anticipate what’s happening, our day runs so smoothly. Having implemented a routine, or schedule, from very early on, the kids know exactly what’s going to happen and in what sequence throughout the day. They even go and take themselves off to bed when they are tired! Every parents dream!”

5. Travelling: “When venturing on an outing, I have found that a change of clothes is sometimes necessary. I have a kit stored in my car and my husband’s which holds spare underwear, shirt, shorts, socks, hat and a washer and hand towel for both of my boys. Once caught out, never again. Saves packing spares each time also.”

6. Bath time: “One of the major reasons I’ve found newborn babies cry in the bath is their chest is exposed. We swaddle them in bed but not in the bath so its not surprising they’re uncomfortable and cry. If this is a problem for you, wet a spare facecloth in warm water and place it over the baby’s chest while they are lying in the bath.”

7. Sharing: “When my five children were younger I bought everything in five different colours – towels, sheets, plastic plates and cups, and each child had a particular colour. It saved a lot of the petty arguments such as “he’s got my cup” etc, and we always knew who wasn’t hanging up their towel in the bathroom.”

8. Safety: “My son is always slamming his fingers in the drawers so what I did to prevent it (without spending a whole lot of money on child safety locks) was to print a lot of brightly colored stop signs and stuck them onto the drawers and demonstrated to him that the sign with the stop means no dont touch and after about a week he learnt what that sign meant and for about 3 months I have had no trouble with drawers closing on little fingers.”

9. Teething: “The best teethers are frozen veggies. Stick carrots or gherkins in the freezer and give them to your baby when they are teething. Their teeth aren’t quite developed enough to bite chunks out but the coolness instantly soothes their pain.”

10. Finances: “Each of my children have a money box. This is added to throughout each month and then money is put into their own bank account. Have given close relations their bank account details too. So if they want to put in $10 at easter, or $20 at Christmas they can. Hopefully by 18 years old they’ll both have a nice amount from merely continually saving into account from birth.”

For more real parenting tips, visit www.mums-secrets.com.au

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