10 Daily Habits that will Revolutionise your Health

The experts share their top tips on those little life changes that can make a big difference.

Have you ever tried to implement a drastic life change – such as completely cutting out sugar - only to find that within a week you’re back to sneaking doughnuts?

Research shows that while a drastic overhaul can work, more people are able to make lasting changes through small, habitual adjustments. Whether it’s waking up half an hour earlier to go for a morning walk, adding lemon to your water, or just taking five deep breaths at regular intervals during the day, it’s quite often the little things done consistently that yield the best results.

Here, the experts share their top tips on those little life changes that can make a big difference.

1) Practice mindfulness

“Take 5 mins each day to practice mindfulness. Eg, pick a task (such as eating, walking or simply breathing) and be MINDFUL. Also be sure to do one thing that is nice for yourself every day. Take a relaxing bath, get a massage or a pedicure, or even just read your favourite book before bedtime.” Leanne Hall  - Clinical Psychologist.

2) Drink enough water!

“Never underestimate the importance of staying hydrated. To ensure I stay hydrated, I recycle my glass water bottles. They’re cheaper than water bottles and are better for the environment.” Zoe Bingley-Pullin, Nutritionist/Chef and IsoWhey® Ambassador

3) Buy in bulk and save

“Buying bulk was a ritual of our ancestors, buying only what they needed to sustain themselves. Shop mindfully and minimise waste by buying only what you need. This will ensure that you are purchasing the freshest ingredients to nourish your body.” Caique Ponzoni, Founder of Naked Foods

4) Stand up straight

“Focus on improving your posture. Many of us spend up to 80% of our day sedentary and if that is spent compromising our posture, for example hunching over a computer or holding the phone with your neck clenched against your shoulder you may develop pain. Try to sit tall, feel your chest open with your chin horizontal with the desk and your shoulder blades together without sticking your stomach out. It’s also a good idea to ask your employer about ergonomics assessments of your work space to ensure your computer, desk and chair is set up to suit your needs.” Jason T Smith, renowned Physioitherapist, founder of the Back In Motion Health Group and Author of ‘Get Yourself Back In Motion’

5) Go green

“Drink something green every day - green juice or smoothie or even green powder. Also be sure to connect with nature - sit under a tree for 10 minutes, walk by the water, look at the stars and connect to something deeper and bigger than you are. Read something inspirational or spiritual for 10 minutes every night before bed.” Megan Dalla Camina. 

6) Buy organic

By purchasing organic you can ensure that you are feeding your body with foods that have not been subjected to chemical sprays that may harm your future health. You will also find that organic tastes better! Caique Ponzoni

7) Watch your portions

“We are visual when it comes to food and often tend to eat without feeling how hungry we really are. A great tip is to remove 30% of your meal and get used to seeing what 30% looks like on your plate. This will train you to portion your meals correctly. You can always incorporate the extra 30% into your next meal and snack.” Zoe Bingley-Pullin

8) Get some sleep!

“Never underestimate the importance of sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause mood swings, increased irritability, lack of concentration and motivation. Ensure that you are getting eight hours of habitual sleep a night. And remember, sleep loss is accumulative which makes it difficult to make up for lost shut eye.” Jason T Smith

9) Read the label

“Try staying clear of embalmed foods, these are often processed foods with added artificial ingredients, colours and flavours often used to improve shelf life but not your health. Be mindful and always read the label.” Caique Ponzoni

10) Stretch a couple of minutes a day

“Add a couple of minutes of stretching to your daily routine and feel the difference. Muscle tightness results from overuse, underuse or misuse. Given we rarely live with perfect posture and movement, it’s likely you will need to stretch in some way to relieve this tightness. You might like to add this to your morning wake up routine, during your work out at the gym or as you prepare for sleep.” Jason T Smith.

Be organised. Shopping for the week ahead or even making a list of healthy snacks and having them ready is a great place to start – lack of organisation is where we often slip.” Zoe Bingley-Pullin

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Posted by Merrilyn15Report
This all sounds to make sense, but seriously... How?... How to change our busy bad habits? 10 minutes just sitting with nature sounds awesome but how do we let go of all of the other things that we need to do (or even think we need to do/are important to us, but not so important to anyone else on the outside looking in?.
Put/add the things above all together & suddenly have of my day would be gone?