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How technology can help manage your anxiety
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How technology can help manage your anxiety

We're often told to switch off our screens to improve mindfulness and connect better with others, but could technology actually help to improve our mental health?

Let's get physical: Learn to fly, dive and back-flip at Bungee Fitness

4 minute read

Hanging out for a new workout? Bungee Fitness is a low-impact, motion-based resistance program that promises both laughter and weight loss. I strapped myself in for a class to find out what it's like to fly like Peter Pan.

Crocodile meat: The surprising superfood

2 minute read

Move over kangaroo: crocodile meat is the Australian superfood that's croc-a-block full of nutrients.

A round of appaws: Pet owners healthier than those without animals

2 minute read

Pet owners have likely experienced the psychological benefits of snuggling up with their furry friends, but pet ownership might also be relieving the strain on Australia's public health system.

Sam Wood's 10 minute mood boosting workouts

1 minute read

Only have 10 minutes but want to feel the happiness boost that exercise brings? Sam Wood has two workouts exclusively for you.

Superfoods you can grow at home

4 minute read

Products labelled 'superfoods' are often sold with high price tags attached, but horticulturists explain how easy it is to grow them at home.

How Michelle Bridges stays fit over winter

6 minute read

Even fitness guru Michelle Bridges finds it hard to keep motivated during the winter months. Here, she shares her top tips for keeping fit, rain hail or shine.

We need to talk about menopause

3 minute read

What you should know about menopause and how you can prepare yourself.

P.E Nation’s Pip Edwards tells us her favourite ways to work out

3 minute read

In time for a post-Easter chocolate detox, P.E Nation has partnered with Elle Macpherson's Welleco to create a fortnight-long reset challenge. We asked Pip about working out, winding down, and resetting for winter.

Foods to help reduce inflammation

3 minute read

You've heard of anti-inflammatory medications and anti-inflammatory diets, but do you really know what inflammation is? Here are our top five foods to help reduce inflammation.

How to avoid overindulging this Easter

3 minute read

Trying not to overindulge this Easter? Sam Wood says you don't have to give it all up, it's all about breaking even.