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Five amazing mocktails to get you through Dry January
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Five amazing mocktails to get you through Dry January

If you're skipping booze this Jan, here are some fantastic alcohol-free cocktails to make the challenge a delight!

The cure for migraines has arrived - but at a cost.

2 minute read

The first medication created solely for the prevention of migraine headaches is now on the market in Australia, but for $800 per month.

How to make your own hand sanitizer

2 minute read

All you need is three ingredients.

Popular meditation app is offering free membership during Corona crisis

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Simple Habit is giving away premium access to all people who are impacted by the pandemic.

If you have these jobs, you're more at risk of contracting Coronavirus

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What if your job gets in the way of social distancing?

Mum shares ingenious hand sanitiser hack amid coronavirus outbreak

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If you're still sending your children to school - here is a good way to safeguard them amid coronavirus outbreak.

How wearing glasses can protect you from Coronavirus

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Medical experts say opticals may help prevent you from contracting COVID-19.