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Your partner's snoring can impact your health, study reveals
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Your partner's snoring can impact your health, study reveals

Losing sleep from a snoring partner can make you more than just tired.

Surprising hangover cures that actually work

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We decided to ask some of our favourite health experts for their top tips on how to cope with a sore head

4 Ways To Detox in a Day

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Not so keen on abstaining from solids on a juice fast for several weeks? Well, there are other, faster ways to detox.

Owning a dog could help extend your life

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Having a furry friend may help you in more ways than one.

These photos show why you should never charge your phone near your bed

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A set of pictures, released by fire officials, show what can happen if you leave your charging phone in your bed at night

Women start turning into their mums when they hit 33, says new research

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Women officially start turning into their mothers at the age of 33, according to research from the UK.

A 100-year-old woman says drinking wine is the secret to a long life!

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A woman who celebrated her 100th birthday has revealed her secret to living longer - a love of wine!

Olivia Newton-John opens up about her new cancer battle

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Olivia Newton-John has revealed how she is facing cancer for the third time...

Can this Aussie health drink really help cure type 2 diabetes?

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A Sydney man has created a probiotic drink in the hope of reversing his diabetes symptoms.

5 ways your mobile phone can help your health

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Keeping your health in check is a simple swipe away.

Ash Barty's obsession with Disney - and other facts you never knew about the tennis star!

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Australia's number one female tennis player is making headlines around the world, but how much do we really know her?