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Could Your Tampon Help Save the World?
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Could Your Tampon Help Save the World?

An Australian woman is helping to change the lives of women in the third world by selling bamboo tampons.

Male Birth Control: Will it Ever Happen?

1 minute read

Progress has stalled in creating birth control for men thanks to the injection's unhappy side effects.

The Top 10 Diet and Fitness Secrets of a Celebrity Trainer

3 minute read

Tiffiny Hall is fit, fun and firing up Australians double time! Here, the Australian TV personality, expert trainer and Sixth Dan Black Belt Master Instructor shares her top ten fitness secrets with us!

3 Fitness Trends to get you Bouncing off the Ground

3 minute read

Here are three sports to get you up off your feet – and the ground.

10 Eco Beach Essentials for Summer

5 minute read

What you can do to keep our beaches clean and reduce your environmental impact this summer.

Shannen Doherty Dances Up a Storm to Help her Get Through Chemotherapy

2 minute read

Despite still battling cancer, Shannen Doherty has spoken about the benefits of keeping active in an inspiring Instagram post.

The Wild Way One Woman Overcame her Midlife Crisis

3 minute read

How a walking adventure led to a global women's group that breathed life back into Wild Women On Top founder, Di Westaway.

Study of a Million Women Confirms Links Between Depression and The Pill

2 minute read

Teenage girls on the pill are more likely to suffer depression, a landmark new study has found.

What it's Really Like to Be a Cheerleader

3 minute read

I spent a training session with the Macquarie University Warriors cheerleading squad, and it was educational, to say the least.

The Basic Facts Behind Migraines

3 minute read

September 12 to16 is Headache and Migraine Week. We look at the common myths and truths, treatments and symptoms surrounding migraines.

Alzheimer's Sufferer is Warming Hearts with his Beautiful Voice

2 minute read

The Songaminute Man has attracted thousands of fans after his son encouraged him to sing to help ease his Alzheimer's.