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5 reasons you might not be losing weight
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5 reasons you might not be losing weight

Doing all the right things but not seeing any results? Fitness expert Sam Wood shares his top tips to help you try and beat the weight loss plateau.

Workout Tips: How to stretch effectively

By Sam WoodOn 7 Feb

Fitness guru Sam Wood shares his expert tips to stretch effectively before a workout!

The simple 7-minute workout you can do anywhere!

By Sam WoodOn 24 Jan

Bare foot and fancy free – this easy 7-minute workout doesn’t require shoes!

Why do mosquitoes bite me more than everyone else?

By Heidi KrauseOn 17 Jan

Ever wondered why some people are mosquito magnets, while others appear to escape virtually unscathed? Find out why plus get some tips to help avoid them!

Woman's inspiring photo reveals realities of postnatal depression

A mother of two is making headlines after sharing her thoughts on the "dark side" of motherhood.

The Secret to Achieving your New Year's Fitness Goals

By Sam WoodOn 9 Jan

Don't set yourself up to fail in 2017. Lifestyle’s newest contributor, Sam Wood, provides his tips and tricks to help you nail those New Year’s resolutions

Meet the Breast Cancer Survivor Inspiring Women with her 'Breastless' Fashion Blog

By Rebecca MitchellOn 20 Dec

An Australian woman is inspiring women and fellow breast cancer survivors with her stunning style blog, Leave Me Breastless.

The Top Health Trends for 2017, According to the Experts

By Emma Charlotte BangayOn 9 Dec

You’ve heard it all before; 'New Year, New You'. But what about fresh diet and exercise tips and tricks to help you get there? Here are the 2017 trends in nutrition and fitness to fire you up for another healthy year!

Conjoined Twins Make Amazing Recovery After Marathon Surgery

The story of these two adorable toddlers is truly heartwarming and miraculous.

Could Your Tampon Help Save the World?

By Rebecca MitchellOn 9 Nov

Yes, apparently! An Australian woman is helping to change the lives of women in the third world by selling bamboo tampons.

Male Birth Control: Will it Ever Happen?

Progress has stalled in creating birth control for men thanks to the injection's unhappy side effects.