Grow, Sew, Make, Bake

Kick Off your new year with The LifeStyle Channels and let us inspire your creativity! We're going back to basics and finding the joy in all things hand-made. Whether it's in the kitchen or garden, at the workbench or sewing machine, make the time this summer for the projects you've always wanted to try. Get out, get creative!

How to Make Rye Bread

1 minute read

Rye bread is easy to make, stays fresh for days and is packed with flavour!

How to Plant and Grow Your Own Tomatoes

3 minute read

Want to grow your own tomatoes? Charlie Albone shares his top tips!

How to Set up a Garden Irrigation System

1 minute read

Learn how to create your own drip line irrigation system.

Top Tips to Grow Onions, Garlic and Leeks

3 minute read

Find out more about the onion family and how to grow onions, garlic and leeks.

How to Make Your Own Bath Bombs

3 minute read

There’s nothing better than a long soak in the bath when pre-silly season madness starts to take its toll – and now, there’s even a better reason to get in the tub with these simple, DIY bath bombs.

How to Make Gnocchi with Matt Moran

1 minute read

Matt Moran shares his top tips for making gnocchi.

How to Make Natural Pesticide

1 minute read

Paul West shares his recipe for an organic natural pesticide you can make at home!

Top Tips for Baking Success

2 minute read

Here are Paul’s tips to make baking a big success at your house.

Frugal Fashionista: Tips for Buying Secondhand Clothes

4 minute read

Follow these hot and fast tips from our Craft Expert Penelope Quinn to help you bag a bargain when buying secondhand clothes.

How to Construct a Veggie Garden

2 minute read

Paul West and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall share their tips as they construct the very first River Cottage Australia Vegetable Garden.