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New series starts Wednesday, October 4 at 7:30pmAEDT

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Meet The Dalton Family

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Matt and his wife Kate have been married for 20 years, and their two daughters, Holly and Millie, are both entering their final years at high school. They liken their family to the real-life version of the Dunphy’s from Modern Family – one of their favourite TV shows. There’s always a disagreement over the girls constant chatter and the TV remote for Sport v Lifestyle shows. You’ll always find Kate with a cup of tea, the girls with their mobile phones, and Matt just trying to get a word in edgeways.

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Meet Wayne & Tom

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Wayne and Tom met at a country dance while Kylie Minogue’s, Love at First Sight was playing. 15-years later, they've raised 3 children together and are still as madly in love as the day they first met. Wayne's addiction to watching anything “zombie”, sci-fi and comedy shows is no match for Tom's obsession with Kylie Minogue. Wayne, Tom and their dog, Satie, share the lounge every night, watching shows like Grand Designs, Downton Abbey and The Real Housewives, always with a drink in hand.

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Meet Anastasia & Faye

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Faye and Anastasia met at a Melbourne night club. Faye jokes that Anastasia thought she was trying to pick her up at first, and the two haven’t stopped talking and laughing since. Born in Australia to Greek parents, Faye and Anastasia never miss their favourite shows like The Block, The Big Bang Theory and Criminal Minds. When the two draw breath from talking about the latest celebrity gossip, they’re ready to relax in front of the box with wine, chips ‘n’ dips, chocolate and ice cream.

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Meet Adam & Symon

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Best mates with a thirst for life (and a beer), Adam and Symon, met on a university pub crawl. Both Physiotherapy students, they’ve just returned from volunteering overseas. Adam grew up in the country and moved to the big smoke for university and has been happily increasing his HECS debt ever since. Symon decided at the age of 26 it was time to start acting like an adult, so he went back to uni and got glasses. They love watching sports, Breaking Bad, House of Cards and Entourage.

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Meet Lee & Keith

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Happily married for almost 30 years, Lee and Keith, live in Melbourne’s outer-northern suburbs with their two adult children.  After a big day of work at the local council, Keith is welcomed home by an early dinner that’s been loving prepared by Lee, followed by a cup of tea and a snuggle on the lounge, much to their daughter’s embarrassment. They never miss their favourite quiz shows, the news, and share a love for movies, True Blood, Sons of Anarchy, MasterChef and The Voice.

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Meet The Jackson Family

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The Jacksons are a loud, happy and sports-crazy family made up of mum Stacey, dad Grant, and their six kids ranging in age from 17 to 2 years old: Corey, Britney, Jesse, Chase, Kane and Nate. Stacey and Grant met when they were in high school and started their family quite young, and now have been happily married for over 15-years. Despite their hectic lives, Stacey would happily have more kids, if Grant would let her.  The family love watching Big Brother, The Voice and The Block together.

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Meet The Delpechitra Family

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In the heart of Sydney’s west live the fun-loving Delpechitra family: dad Patrick, mum Tracey, eldest son Wendel, daughter Vestal and son Ethan. Patrick and Tracey are both from Sri Lanka and moved to Australia 25-years-ago. When watching the TV together they love chewing the fat over reality TV scandals, especially on My Kitchen Rules, Home & Away and The Bachelor Australia. They also enjoy watching wildlife documentaries on National Geographic and, of course, the cricket!

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Meet Mick & Di

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Indigenous Art Dealers, Mick and Di met on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and have been happily married for nearly 50-years.  Di, a former model, convinced Mick to give up his high-flying career as an advertising executive in order to follow their passion for art. These Goggleboxers love their food and wine, watching the news and testing their knowledge on shows like QI and are sure to bring a keen cultural eye to the week’s big moments in television.

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Meet Angie & Yvie

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Vivacious friends and housemates have a 17-year age gap between them, but the two hit it off instantly and have been best friends for 3 years. The girls live with Tom, who has Down syndrome and both Angie and Yvie support Tom by helping him integrate in to the community and get involved in daily activities and responsibilities. Their home is vibrant and noisy thanks to their dogs, and they love grabbing some takeaway and a wine, while watching shows like GIRLS and The Bachelor Australia.

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Meet The Silbery Family

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These three women -  each from different generations - are a close and loving family, but aren't afraid to push each others' buttons! Grandma Emily or 'Emmie' is the voice of wisdom, but is young at heart. Like Grandma Emmie, her daughter Kerrie is living the single life - and the pair have recently moved back in together. This independent woman doesn't take any nonsense. The youngest of the Silbery family is Isabelle: a mother-of-one with a penchant for trashy TV. 

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Meet Matty, Sarah Marie & Jad

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This trio live in Sydney’s up and coming and trendy inner west. Young, fresh, creative, and full of personality, there is engaged couple Matty and Sarah Marie, and their great friend Jad. All three share a great love of food and are excited to bring some ‘Middle-Eastern flavour to Gogglebox Australia.

As for who’s who in the group of friends, Sarah Marie is your down-to-earth ‘girl next door’ and owner of a makeup and hair agency. Entrepreneur and café owner Jad is the larrikin of the group, and marketing and communications director Matty is the responsible one, having the final call on most things – including what’s on the box.

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