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Water Saving Tips for Your Garden

Charlie Albone talks us through keeping your garden looking lush without using too much water.

Water is a precious commodity in Australia, so it can be tough to keep your garden looking green, especially in the warmer months. Here are Charlie's water saving tips, to get the most out of your garden and save on your water bills.

Teach your lawn to be drought tolerant

Do this by watering for longer periods but less often rather than a little bit every day. This forces the roots to grow deep into the soil and make them better equipped to deal with dry periods.

Pick your watering time wisely

Water your garden in the early morning or late evening. It's much more efficient to water at these times as less moisture is lost to evaporation.

Water the roots, not the leaves

When watering with a hose, make sure you use an appropriate nozzle or gun and water the soil around the base of the plant - there's no use watering the leaves.

Get to know your plants

You can save water by placing a tray beneath your plant pots to catch any overflow so that plants can soak it up over night. But be sure not to overwater - plants like rosemary don’t like having wet feet. Vegies and crops will need more water in the growth periods.

Choose the right plants

Planting natives or drought tolerant plants, trees and grasses, that are local to your climate, means they are already in a perfect environment to thrive. And adding a layer of organic mulch to a depth of 75mm will help retain moisture in the soil.



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